Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hey Hey mama!! como estas?? como esta todo en el templo de Payson Utah?? yo quiero verlo!! wow, seis mesas ya en la mision. tan rapido si digo! How is everything!!???

HELLO!!!! how was your week! I hope that all is great! I cant wait to see you guys on Sunday!! I have been working on my Spanish so much and have had many experiences!! I have had such a gretsa time here in Santa Ana!1 its just like a Latin Provo! I'm 15 minutes from the temple but I can go!! i can see all of San Jose and the Airport from a certain spot in my area!! I had a crazy experience yesterday... So yesterday, we picked up a young woman and a young man from the branch, and went to a family of 6 that are investigating the church! What we did, was we went it without a plan! YES;) And a scripture popped into Elder Guevaras head, about the priesthood and blessings. It just so happened that the daughter and brother were both sick with the flu or cold or something. So what we did, was blessed some oil, and gave them both blessings!! Before, during, and After, the spirit was so strong!! After, We were talking about the blessings that our heavenly father gives to us. Then mom of the family interrupted and asked, "why can we understand Elder Black more than Elder Hatch (old companion of Elder Guevara) the other gringo??" So Elder Guevara started talking about the gift of tongues! And then...I had the prompting from the spirit...To talk in English!! I don't know!! However, I started in Spanish, and then i switched to English saying "I know that the spirit works in every way possible. It doesn't matter what language we missionaries are speaking, the spirit will bring the knowledge to your hearts, and by the power of the holy ghost, honestly, you know what I'm saying deep down." I love the Lord and all that he is doing for you all and for me. Always remember that i love you guys!! I cant wait to see you!!  I love you MOM, DAD, BEAU, EMMALIE, AND RHETTSKI!!!!!

April 27, 2015

HEY PAP!!!! How was your week!! I want to tell you that I'm doing great"! I'm having fun! And I heard that my new area will have 5 baptisms this week!! I'm pumped!!

Hey MOM and DAD and FAMILY!!! Hey I just wanted to tell everyone that I got changed!! I'm in Santa Ana San Jose!! right in the capital!! It's going to be so weird!! but I'm so excited!!I have had a couple prayers answered lately. On Sunday was stake conference. We were trying really hard to bring people to church but nobody would answer their phone or didn't want to go! so i knelt down and said a prayer and asked heavenly father to bless us with at least one person. and I looked at my phone after the prayer, and I had 3 missed calls from a guy named Gabrielle. The same Gabrielle that was gonna get baptized in march but never did! He said that he and his friend were coming to the church within 15 minutes!! Also, i was walking in the road yesterday ahead of Elder Vasquez because he is the slowest person in the world!! and I said a prayer and asked heavenly father if I could get changed! and guess what happened!!!!! I love you guys so much!! I hope you had and have a good week°!°! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!