Monday, June 29, 2015

Elder Henry

Lisa Nichols Henry Daphnie Jensen Black, my son really loves Elder Black! I have a picture of him from last week too.

June 29, 2015

Today I taught a guy from California that was NOT ready to hear the gospel! All he did was fight us about how the Book of Mormon contradicts Mormon Doctrince and crap like that! it was funny;) I was like, "Have you prayed?" he said "I have read" and I said, "OK! Listen to me, Do you really think that God would give us ALL of the things that we needed to know and write them down is just a couple of books?!" That's why we have PRAYER! we can know the truth of ALL things through prayer!" Elder Vorwaller then said, "We don't have time to teach people that just want to argue with us. we are here to strengthen our faith and the faith of others, the spirit isn't here, we have to go now." and we got up and left!! There are some people that are so lost and need to hear the truth. 
I found a quote by Boyd K. Packer that i loved about faith! it says,  "We Begin With Faith- Not With a Perfect Knowledge of Things.." KaDi told me that God Calls people to serve missions to learn and progress, not those who are fully ready. I love that! We are here to learn, we just need to learn the TRUTH! People dont know that God has a Body, and that he isn't some great spirit flying around in space! hes a man! with a body and that has been tried and tested just like us!  I hope that you are ALL reading the Book of Mormon! EVERYDAY!! Even if its just 1 verse, it fulfilling Gods Commandment! I love you all, I hope you had and have a great week!
Mom, thank you for your advice and help! I love you so much! (by the way nice haircut!!)
Dad, I know you work a lot, but I love you so much! i tell my investigators about you and mom all the time!:)
Beau, I hope your reading the Book of Mormon man! I love ya, and good luck at UVU!!
Emmalie, Who knew that you could sing;) I love ya OMM!!
Rhett, Let me know how messi is doing! everyonce in a while I see him play!:) Love ya buddy!!

Ya I'm great! happier now today!! SO my skin itches after I get wet, like when its drying. For about 15 minutes itches then stops! I have antihistamine pills, but they don't do much. I love you mommy!!! Tell dad that I

Farewell to President and Sister Wilkinson. They are returning home to Saratoga Springs. Their homecoming report is July 12th. We will have our new mission president tomorrow.
am thinking about him all the time! I know he has to work a lot, but I love him! I can't wait to hear from him again! Tell him thanks for his help!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

HI!! MOM AND DAD!! I love you so much!! I hope you have a great week! I had 2 baptisms this week! I love you so much!!<3<3<3 my skin is still bad, that's why I bought pills! So I hope things start getting better! But, thank you so much for all that you both do! Have a great week!!:D

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Well hello their family!! Como estan todos!? I hope that everything is going great! I had some great experiences this week! I will tell you all about them!
SO, Yesterday, Elder Guevara and I had to go to the church(house) early so that I could practice the piano to play in Sacrament Meeting. We got off of the bus, and 2 women got off with us. One of the ladies we had talked to about 2 weeks earlier and the other was her sister. Her name is Julia and had told us 2 weeks earlier that she was a member and was looking to find the church! And her sisters name is Jenny. We walked up the hill to the church and we talked with them. And we found out that NEITHER of them were members and that they love the church and are going to keep coming !! I want to tell you about the power that music has!!!  So i was practicing the piano and it was just Elder Guevara and I and Jenny in the room. I started to play "I know that my Redeemer Lives", and as I played i looked over at Jenny, and she was staring at the piano and just balling!! I didn't know what to do , however i felt as though I should keep playing!! The spirit filled the room!!! So Jenny told us that Her Nephew died about 2 months ago. And she was SOOOO SAD!! After sacrament i went up to them and asked them how it was and they both loved it!! Afterward, I told the gospel doctrine teacher,(usually I teach) that we should teach the spirit world and the plan of salvation! So we read Alma 40:11-14 with everyone, and as we read, Jenny and Julia were VERY happy!! They were both filled with the spirit and i knew that they knew that her nephew was in paradise!! I am so thankful for the plan of salvation, and I'm so grateful for a loving heavenly father that literally is going to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to save ALL of his children!!
So Julio and Jackelin should be getting baptized this weekend! Yesterday we went to the house and WE were like "Do you really want to do this??"  and they were like, "the money, we have to pay the hosue on Friday and for food, so we don't have the money!" Elder Guevara then said, "I promise you both, In the name of Jesus Christ, That if you give us the money for the wedding, and pay the house on Friday, You WILL NOT go hungry and WILL have food on the table!!" It was so quiet! Then i said " I have a tithing envelope right here. Are you willing to put the money in this envelope and give it to us for the wedding?" Julio then said "I WILL PAY!" We then put the money in the slip and sealed it up until Friday! They were both crying so hard and i could feel that they ahd made some major progress!! So they are doing great so pray for them:) 
I f you could send me an EASY HYMNS BOOK that would be GREAT! 
I love you all! i hope everyone is doing good! Mom, good luck with your break!;) Dad, keep working hard and know how much I'm here for ya:) Beau, good luck at UVU good lookin;) Emmalie, good luck with your dancing and your singing, don't get into trouble;) Rhett, Let me know how Messi is doing, and my best friend Brian Ruiz;) haha no but seriously;)
 I love you guys! have a great week!!!!<3<3<3<3

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

The mission had changes! Neither of us got changed! Still kickin' butt in Santa Ana!
Well I am pretty sure that I am in the west mission! They wouldn't make all of these changes and then change everybody again. I think that's just a final thing:)
So here is the thing, elder Guevara and I asked the assistants if we could have 2 new missionaries to stay with us until they receive their trainers, and they said yes, so we might be going to the office tomorrow!!:D so I should get your package!! And now I'm not bummed I'm flippin' happy as can be!!
Santa Ana

Santa Ana with Sister Hernandez


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hey hey DAD!!! It's great to hear from you! This week was great and we
have 2 investigators that are reading the Book of Mormon and told us
that they know it is true and that they know and can feel that Joseph
Smith was a prophet and are planning for their baptisms on June 20th!!
That's awesome about the pinewood derby! Here, there isn't even anything
close to a scouting program! You need to show me pictures of the temple
celebration! During the week I can look up the celebration and watch
the recorded part by the church to show investigators!! I hope everything is going good! let me know if you need anything! Stay strong and always read the Book of Mormon! I love you so much!!!<33<3
YA!! PACKAGE!! Mom, hope that you had a great week! I am so proud of
you and hope that you know how much I love you. You are very strong! I actually have a story for you! So, Elder Guevara and I were walking in the street and a lady yelled "ELDERS!!" YES, in ENGLISH!! She asked us where the church is and came on Sunday! Her name is Janet Kirk from
Houston Texas. And she is here to finish up her semester in communications! I told her that you finished your schooling not too long ago and that you're a teacher! And she told me to tell you that
there is a lot to be stressed about when it comes to the pressure and stress of being a teacher! But she said to tell you that she's sure you're doing great and to stay strong and know that Heavenly Father is
always here to help you when you need it. She is 61 and he husband and her are waiting for their mission call!!

I know and can testify to you that Our Heavenly Father has a plan! Not just the plan of salvation but  a plan for everything! Something President Wilkinson told me a few weeks ago was that "We as God's children are not meant to know all the answers. We are here to walk by Faith, Some things.. We will never know!" I know that is true.
We have our agency, but that doesn't mean that our parents can't direct the process;)

P.S. LOOK UP BRIAN RUIZ!! He is the captain of the Costa Rica Soccer
team and I got a picture with him last Monday night!!!!!!! RHETT WILL

Brian Ruiz--Fifa Soccer Team

May 25, 2015

Guess what I watched a guy get hit on his motorcycle!! it was so sick! he was on the ground suffering though...there were too many people around and there were doctors:) he was fine, just busted up a bit:) Blessings from Heavenly Father right??;) It was cool!
We had 3 baptisms!! I baptized one of them! Oh we are going to have a mission conference on June 23rd. If you want to send me anything do it before then! I might go to the office!!! I LOVE YOU!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Baptism Font

I baptized one of them!

May 18, 2015

YOU KILLED BEAUS CAR??? SMOOTH!! ;D Wow sounds like you had an interesting week!! If you could send me through email a video of BBC singing Summer Girl, that would be very helpful! Tell Dad that I love him and hope that everything is great with him!! Let me know if he needs anything!!  Give the family hugs from me:) I love you all!! Have a great week! We will have 3 more baptisms on Tuesday!!

May 11, 2015

Hey, hey, Mommy!! I'm doing good:) I enjoyed talking to you too:) Hey I have a question. We have to go shopping today for p-day. Do you want me to use my CREDIT card? Umm, we buy food:) and sometimes cool stuff;) Don't judge me;) We really are being better with money though...kinda ;)
 And thanks for praying for me!!