Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 30, 2014

Hey!! Oh my Gosh it was so good to see you guys last week!! Wow i cant believe that it is already tuesday. just so you know i write the same time every week. Around 12. This week has been amazing. remember the guy named michael, our miracle, so on sunday, him and 3 of his 5 kids walked 40 minutes to go to church. he was sitting in the back row of the chapel with his kids, and elder dale and i walked in and he stood up and shook our hands. he was happy and so glad to recieve blessings. SO! yesterday for my p-day, we went to the cataratas in guacimo!! a catarata is a waterfall!! it was so beautiful! it was in the jungle, and yes, it was what you would amagine a jungle to be! there were trees and vines everywhere! we saw lik 6 toucans! now close but they were so cool! we got to the waterfall and you would feel the water coming off of it! it felt so good. we wore our shirts and ties because we didnt have permission to take them off. on the way out of the waterfall, i found a.....POISON DART FROG!! oh ya!! it was red and blue! Elder Dale got a plastic bag and caught it and put it in a coke bottle!! in the bag it started shooting out poison and the bag quickely became foggy and wet! it was so cool! i will send some pictures! This week was really hard especially after seing you all. I love you all! i wish i would have got more time to talk, but after, i went to work and out 5 baptismal dates and had amazing lessons! it was a miracle and the best christmas i had ever had!! we had tamales and tons of food, and it was overall and amazing day! and now its close to new years. I am gonna miss the banana pudding!! what are the plans for this year?? i wish i was there, tell the family hi!! I miss you all so much! with the boots and backpack, just send them to the address i sent. AND ALSO IF YOU COULD PUT SOME MONEY ON MY CARD! i want to buy my self a little something something for christmas;) overall, i love you guys so much! and i cant wait to talk to you again! i will send tons of pictures in a while! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! lOVE YA MOM AND DAD, BEAU, EMMALIE, RHETT, AND KATHLENE!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
a sick lizard with a blue tail

Yesterday for my p-day, we went to the cataratas in guacimo!! a catarata is a waterfall!!
So this is me emailing

the poison frog

Who's that good looking guy by that sick catarata? oh ya, its elder black!

using a machete!!!!

Coconuts. They are okay i guess;)

My Family and My Girl:) and my new oakland temple pic!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 22, 2014

Hey Everyone!! Week Three in Guacimo Costa Rica! I sent a letter home yesterday so my address will be on it for you to have. Im sure that your all anxious about chrsitmas! so i get 40 minutes to talk. Ya thats it. becasue after i have to go back to work! So we will make the most of it. The member that we are skyping froms name is noily. she only speaks spanish, so if you need her, then good luck! we will be skyping at arounde 10 in the morning! so be ready! we should be able to test things to make sure they work. I am so excited. I wrote down all of the informacion that you gave me, so i will do my best to make sure that it works! So we had a baptism this week! her name is mildred. She is a mom about 38 with 2 kids. She is great. Other missionaries have tried to put a baptismal date with her before but she didnt accept. But right before i came, Elder Dale got the Date! so he baptized her on saturday! And Elder Dale and I sang Mas Cerca Dios De Ti for teh Baptism. Nearer my God to Thee in English! we harmonized and everything! it was pretty sick! In my letter, it was explain so other things. I had my first actual p-day yesterday. We didnt get one last week becasue guess what? we went to the San Jose Costa Rica Temple!!!!!! It wasw so great but its really small! WE did a session (yes all in spanish) and Did baptisms!! it was such an amazing experience. At the MTC i made a copy of my patriarchal blessing, so i took it with me into the celestial room and read it! I was really homesick but after i felt so calm becasue i just sat on the big couch in the Celestial Room. After that i was fine:) I will try to send some pictures today!! but no promises, the computers here suck!!! But I cannot wait to see all of you on Chrsitmas! we have a small christmas tree with all of our presents under it! its great! we cleaned our house! i cleaned all of the ants and beetles out of the bathroom adn bleached the shower! ......and it looks absolutely...better;) its still a cement house with tile, but its better that what most poeple have. I love you all so much and i will try to make sure everything works!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

I love Elder Dale! he is a great example to me and he is really funny! we go running everyday to make sure we stay fit. I read my patriarchal blessing every single day! I love it! I just eat tons of rice! haha I dont have weights, i just do push ups and stuff! I will proably buy american piza for my district, its really cheap!! like 3 for 5-10 bucks!! The rice is amazing!! The christmas dinner was great! oh!! In june, there is going to be 2 missions in Costa Rica!!!!! A member of the 12 is coming to san jose in june to separate us into East or West!! crazy right?? by the time i leave, i will not be part of the san jose costa rica mission!!
Costa Rica Temple

Mildred's Baptism w/ Elder Dale

Costa Rica Temple

My House

Dec 16, 2014

I only get 40 minutes onb christmas! it sucks but we will make the best of it. I love you all so very much!!! Thak yuo for everything!!

Alright, hello everyone!! Wow, i don´t even know where to start. So we landed in san jose on monday night. President Wilkensen was waiting there for us with his wife and some other elders. They gave us hugs and took us to the San Jose Temple!! it was so amazing! it is pretty hot but not toomuch becasue it is december. But then President sent us with two ¨ticos¨or men of costa rica. They put all of our stuff in a bag, and we drove for i swear like 30 minutes. There are palm trees and green everywhere. The scary thing is that they drive super crazy!! it is really scary! they just do what they want. So we went to the mission home and slept there the first night. Which kinda sucked because i think half of this country doesn´t have hot water!! so i took cold showers the first couple of days. But the second day, we went on divisions. I went with an elder to give a sister a blessing, yes in spanish. it is really weird! i can´t understand anything that anybody is saying. and i felt like i was going to get killed!! So on wednesday, i got assigned my new companion and area! My companion is Elder Dale from Salt Lake City!! He is my trainer. He is an awesome Elder that works hard and teaches me very well. My area is absolutelty amazing! it is a place called Guacimo! it is kinda like the jungle! there are trees everywhere!! it is so beautiful here!! I love my area. So yes i am not able tounderstand anything, but i am already giving lessons. Not full lessons, but i share my testimony and give incite and help from what i understand. I have already commited 2 people to baptism. Crazy right! so i study allmorning until like 12 in the afternoon! I have hot water. Our house is nice compared to the huts and cement houses all over san jose. Guacimo is more better. So i have a desk in the house with a big mirror on it that the past elder left. I put some pictures of you guys on it soi can look at it. Becasue yes, i do miss you all a ton. But its prettyt tough here. Im not gonna lie. This alrady is some of the hardest things ive done. It is hard!! i can´t understand, i only think in spanish, we have a goal to speakas much spanish as possible. Elder Dale has 5 months out by the way. His goal for me is to train a new missionary by the end of my 12 week training! crazy! But i´m up for the challenge. I pray for you all everynight. We had a district meeting today and president came. And basically told us that we aren´t doing good enough. So we are going to work harder! There are lots of people that don´t want anything to do with us. I have been rejected, doors closed, but it is all okay! im doing good and i love it hear!  MOM and DAD- i miss you guys! i will get 40 minutes to see you on christmas. I´mdoing okay i promise. i love y ou guys so much!! I write on tuesdays!! i love you somuch.I can´t express how much i love you. Thank you for allthat you have done toget me here. BEAU- This mission so far is amazing bro. I love it. It is very hard, but it is gonna be soworth it i can tell. My spanish is terrrible,but etoy aprendiendo. Im learning. I love you bro!! EMMALIE and RHETT-I am doing so good so far. It is hard but i love it. I miss you both so much. I am so glad that i got to talk to you on monday!! KADI-I miss you so much! I have your pictures up as well! I look at them all! i love you so much. I can´t wait to see you too. I want to see all of you on christmas!! Next week i will make sure to tell you the time that we are going to be skyping for christmas!! ALL of you!! I love you all so much,and i wish that these computers were better. I am so glad tobe here!! I love you all so much!!! I havn´t opened my preseents yet, im so excited!! we have a christmas tree for all of our preseetns!! i don´t really use my credit cards. They only take Colones for all i know. Its weird!! But i love you all so much!!!! I can´t wait to hear fromyou all next week!! i will try to send some pictures, but i am in an internet cafe in a town called Guapiles! it sucks!! But I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! Talk to you next week!!!!

Dec 10, 2014

Elder Black w/ President and Sister Wilkinson

Elder Dunyon w/ President and Sister Wilkinson

Airport in Costa Rica

Traditional Pizza first night in Costa Rica

Dec 9, 2014

Hey Everyone! I made it to Costa Rica. It is so amazing here! I don{t know when p day is yet, but they had me make sure to tell you mom and dad, to make sure you are part of the San Jose Costa Rica facebook page. I will right a letter this week hopefully and tell you the mail adress and stuff. i love you all!!

Dec 8, 2014

What a fabulous district.  Definitely ready to be in the mission field.  :)

Great job and God's speed.
President Shallenberger
Brother Slingerland
Brother Dowdle

Dec 4, 2014

Hey mom and dad!!! Guys! i had an amazing experience yesterdat! so this whole time we have been here, Elder Dunyon and I have wanted to host a new missionary, meaning tnhat we take their luggage and stuff when they get dropped off. But we signed up, and they never called our names. HOWEVER!, we went to buy a couple pairs of garments for costa rica. The lady in their was talking with a sister missionary. We walked in, and she turned to us and said, "oh my gosh, do you elders happen to speak spanish?" and of course we were like "oh ya!!" so we literally translated for this sister and helped her around the rest of the day to get her stuff and help her get dinner, and took her bags to her room for her! so instead of hosting a random missionary, we got to host a person of our own kind;) it was soooo cooolll!!!!!
 So i did get my travel plans! I leave monday morning at 6:00! I fly from SLC to Atlanta and then to Costa Rica. I bought a calling card, so i should be able to call all of ya! 
 I need moms work phone so i can call her, i will call the store, i dont know beaus number(hopefully he will be with dad at work, and with emmalie and rhett i don't know. I should be calling around 9-10 maybe around there!! But if you have any questions ask me! i love you guys so much! this weeek has been so cool!! i have used my gospel knowledge and my spanish soo much!! i love it here but i can not wait to get out in costa rica!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!- Brady:)
Iglesia is church:) the scripture is Moroni 10:4-5! i just got back from the temple. We did a sealing session. and when i was getting dressed, i had a feeling i was gonna see someone that i knew. Lucy and Dr. jones popped into my head, but i was like "thats weird" so i just kept walking. But when we were leaving, right as we entered the front desk, Lucy and Dr. Jones walk through the temple door!!! It was so weird!! so i talked to them a bit, they asked how i was doing, and they wondored about beau. so it was really cool to see someone i knew, and that i saw it even before it happened!! 
Alright, this is my last email in Provo! I won't be able to chat with any of you next week. I'm pretty sure it's only a couple of emails. Tomorrow i have "in field orientation". That should be fun;) I am so excited to go! I will soon be in paradise! I'm making this just one big email to all of you becasue i have to go. 
Mom and Dad, I can't wait to hear from you on monday. Thank you for working so hard. I love you guys so much!!!!!!
Beau, stay strong bro keep working hard. i love ya bro.!
Emmalie, I hope you have an amazing birthday!! I love you omm.!
Rhett, you stud, i love you bro. Thanks for all of your dear elders.!
KaDi, Thank you for helping me get through this, and thank you for all of your letters!! I love you!:)
Next time you hear from me, i will be in the airport, and then in Costa Rica!!!! WOAH!!!! I love you all so much! Thank you for getting me to this point!! Talk to you all on Monday!!!!!!

Nov 27, 2014

Hey everyone! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! or in spanish, El Dia De Accion De Gracias!!:) I love you guys! hope you have a good one! Elder Bednar Talked to us today!!! it was awesome! we got to ask questions!!

Nov 26, 2014

Okay.....guess who spoke to us yesterday!!!!???? DALLIN H OAKS!!!!!!! and the teachers said they think it will be someone in the first presidency tomorrow!!!!! IT WAS SO AMAZING!!! i sat on the 7th row!!!!!!!! THis week has been absolutely amazing!!!!! i can't wait for tomorrow!! we are doing a huge humanitarian project! we are making over 350,000 meals for people!!!
Hey! i don't get a P-Day this week because of Thanksgiving. But i will be emailing tomorrow night at around 6:40! We are doing our laundry and things after dinner and they are lettering us have a little time! ya we are getting the shaft! no temple either! its sucks! anyway, I love you all!! talk to you tomorrow!!
Well this mornning, i went to a big meeting about the service project. It was really weird! we are gonna make so much food! i memorized Moroni 10:4-5 in spanish! im pretty proud of myself:) we skyped a lady in mexico a couple days ago. all in spanish! it was so legit!! i don't talk alot during the lessons, but when i do, i try to be very powerful!!:) i can't wait for tomorrow! are you guys going to vegas??

This is me emailing! then a selfie:) then this is one of my assignments, all in spanish not using any tools!Thanks:) I love you guys!!! talk to ya next week!!:) send me letters! Hey will you make me and Elder dunyon some banana cake????!!!!! Por Favor! its his birthday on Dec. 3rd!!!!!! por favor mama???

Nov 20, 2014

Hey!! I wanted to make sure that I emailed rhett before he went to school! i know that the rest of ya can email throughout the day! so rhett!! hows it going buddy!? I miss you man! your spanish is getting really good:) This week i've learned alot of spanish! it's really hard sometimes, but it's really easy sometimes! I have now given an entire lesson in spanish. It is really cool the things that i can say, even though i've only been here  for 3 weeks!! i love you so much rhett! i hope you have a good day, and a good week at school! i llove getting your letters! i am going to send a package home with some stuff to let you guys know what kind of stuff is going on here! rhett there will be a surprise for ya!! i know it's something youll like. The guys before me gave it to me. anyway, rhett i love you so much buddy!! Have a good day!! i will email everyone else in a bit!!

This week has been so fun and so stressful at the same time. each day we are learning so much new things! the language is coming great! i can now teach an entire lesson in spanish, ive memorized scriptures, and memorized the first vision all in spanish!! its so cool! thank you so much for the packages!! they make me so happy. i hope you are doing okay:) i miss you and love you. the guy i taught from blanding was just for a day. I never taught him again. but it really helped me to connnecrt with him to be able to teach him easier!! i love you so much!!! i hope to hear from yua again!!!

I love ya dad!! this week has been a real memory for me. I am learning so much. Are you guys gonna send me another package? The MTC food is awesome! i loved the last package. It was good! we are gonna wait until thanksgiving and open up that bottle of bubbly to celebrate! its gonna be legit!! i miss ya!! and i love you so much!!-Brady

Nov 13, 2014

I saw Elder Black at the MTC today.
DAD!! i miss you so much! everything here is amazing! I waited for Tag to come in yesterday and he told me you guys say hey! I had a lession yesterday that went really well! We taught Yerick again. This time, he told us throughout the lesson that he was having some difficulties in his life, and he didn't think that God loves him. So we looked him straight in the eye and told him God loves him and WE love him! he appreciated that. he asked me personally to pray for him so i did right there! After the prayer, he sat there just thinking. I said to him "como siente?" which meens, how do you feel? he said that he had never felt like this before. we said, "what you feel is the Holy Ghost". it was an amazing lesson. we plan to committ him to baptism next week! i have a lot of friends here! the four guys in my room are all awesome! there isn't a single person in my district that i don't like! try out "Dear Elder" it is way faster that letters! send letters alot too please! and more packages :D!!! My spanish is going great! Yo se como ensenar un leccion en espanol y orar y testifiquen!! Es muy fantasitico!! I will be checking my emails througout the day so i might write a few time:) I love you dad and miss you so much!! but everyone told me last weeek to get to sunday and i did, and it feels so much better!! i love it here and can't wait for the remaining weeks! Keep me in your prayers! i keep you in mine every night! I love you and mom so much!! I am studdying my scriptures and lessons like no other!! I learn so much from the spirit and i love to feel it! I hopefully will talk to you throughout the day!! i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Elder Black:)
I ran into Cody Anderson again yesterday! he took another picture of me and it was awesome to see someone i knew! I don't know when you'll get my letter, but it would be great if you guys would send me some contacts. I absolutely hate these glasses. If it gets hot, they are just uncomfortable and bad. I know its alot of money but i would rather wear them. This week went by really quick! i've seen tag almost everyday! he doesn't call me elder black, he always yells over everyone, BRADY!!  I'm always like "wuddup coconut". its fun:) I go to the temple around 2 today, and i might have a little bit of time to email after but not for sure. I am really happy here. This week i was really struggling with the language and focussing, i don't know why, so i had Elder Dunyon and elder Bangerter give me a quick blessing. I felt alot better after that, and my lesson last night just clicked! it was good. I am loving the packages you are sending! its amazing when i get a package or even a letter. it really makes my whole day. Mom said that you saw kadi's mom or something in the store? I write KaDi alot too. Overall this week was a great learning experience. I am loving the mail!!! keep it coming! are you guys gonna send me a letter? like instead of a paper? haha!! Cody Anderson showed me that pic he sent ya. thats so cool huh?? Anyway pop, i love you and miss you so much!! i hope to hear from ya latter today!! I love you !!!!!!



The first and last are me this morning. The picture is the provo temple, i drew it on our whiteboard in class!!