Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 27, 2015

HEY PAP!!!! How was your week!! I want to tell you that I'm doing great"! I'm having fun! And I heard that my new area will have 5 baptisms this week!! I'm pumped!!

Hey MOM and DAD and FAMILY!!! Hey I just wanted to tell everyone that I got changed!! I'm in Santa Ana San Jose!! right in the capital!! It's going to be so weird!! but I'm so excited!!I have had a couple prayers answered lately. On Sunday was stake conference. We were trying really hard to bring people to church but nobody would answer their phone or didn't want to go! so i knelt down and said a prayer and asked heavenly father to bless us with at least one person. and I looked at my phone after the prayer, and I had 3 missed calls from a guy named Gabrielle. The same Gabrielle that was gonna get baptized in march but never did! He said that he and his friend were coming to the church within 15 minutes!! Also, i was walking in the road yesterday ahead of Elder Vasquez because he is the slowest person in the world!! and I said a prayer and asked heavenly father if I could get changed! and guess what happened!!!!! I love you guys so much!! I hope you had and have a good week°!°! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

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