Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

Hello Everyone!!! How was your week!?!? This week for me was a big difference! First of all, Elder Vorwaller(my new companion) is Great! He is very responsible and loves to work hard, so we get along very well. We both are here for the same reasons! Since Elder Guevara left, this branch and area has taken a new turn. We have found lots of New Investigators and Lots of future baptisms! Actually, Elder Vorwaller and I had the feeling to contact around this little area where there were lots of little houses. We talked to this little girl named Angelina. Shes 7 years old...(so close) But her birthday is in September. We had a short lesson with here and her mom. It turned out that they had been taught by the missionaries before in Nicaragua. They have a Book of Mormon and they also already have 3 times in church (which is a requirement for baptism) So we had a very powerful lesson. It was a miracle, and the best part is, Her and her husband are married!!:D Doesn't happen a lot! Just miracle after Miracle.
We had a VERY demanding lesson with Angie and Angelica! Finally we set up an appointment and taught them. Angie should be getting baptized on the 16 of next month, and Angelica on September 11th because she needs to get married or separate with her man. They both are reading the Book of Mormon so great. They have very strong testimonies, however Angie is really scared of Men in general. She gets super freaked out!! However, she trusts us:) The best thing is, is that all of these new people live around by the Church! The assistance of the church has gone up from 45(when I came) to 75!!! The Lord is hastening the work here in Santa Ana! Hopefully we will have 2 more missionaries this next change!
So me? Ive been really great. I Still haven't had the chance to go to the temple in almost 9 months, but KaDi told me something in my birthday letter that said that Heavenly Father might be testing me so that I can feel how the members and investigators feel here in Costa Rica with only one temple. They have to work and save so hard just to make an hour trip to the temple. I have definitley felt the difference than having a temple 30-45 minutes and now 5 minutes away!! I feel like I have changed in so many ways. My testimony of the atonement has grown so much. I feel like I'm starting to really give all that I have to the Lord. Its really hard, and painful at times, but we are seeing so many miracles. Elder Vorwaller and I actually have a rule that we cant sing songs other than church songs as we walk in the road. We both love 80s music and so its REALLY HARD! especially when you hear Journey and Foreigner in Carls Jr. OR, when you walk into a house and there playing "Everything I do, I do it for you" by bryan adams! Its just torture:) haha However, I'm loving the work. Being a District Leader is very stressful. All of the weight is on me, but i cant imagine the assistence or the Zone Leaders. I have learned to LOVE walking up to RANDOM people in the street and sharing my testimony about what we do and how we can help them. Fear gets taken away quick in the street. 
I hope you all know that I am so much happier than I was before. Sacrificing things for the Lord is hard and will never be so easy, but IT's so worth it! I have a testimony that Christ is getting the word out. Every change we see new wards, new stakes, and new miracles! Its so hard...SO hard but so worth it. Thank you all so much for your help! Every Single one of you. You're helping me out so much! I love you all! Have a great week! Love Always, Brady:)  <3

Me and Elder Vorwaller

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015

Hello everyone!!! How are you all? How was your week!!??
My week was so great and crazy! Let me tell you about it!!
SO!!! I have some crazy news!! SO WE had our meeting with president on Thursday! He is amazing! so funny and so serious! He asked me some articles of faith in Spanish and I said them to him! he was like "wow, good job!" Then after his capacitation, Elder Guevara pulled me aside and said, "follow me, there's something I need to tell you..." immediately my heart dropped! He pulled me outside and said, "I think I'm going home,(a young women in the ward) and I have started to have lots of feelings toward each other. We have secretly been writing in a notebook back and forth behind your back about our feelings and now its worse than ever" So when he said this, I was like "WHAT?!?!" So I was like, "You need to confess that to President, you cant be in this area" So he confessed to President! and During my interview he told me what was going on! So, on Thursday, Elder Guevara had emergency changes!! President kicked him out of the area for his protection. So he got changed to San Jose central. And my new companion is a GRINGO! its Elder Vorwaller from Idaho! It was just an area change, and so ELder Vorwaller was part of the zone! SO THAT, is why I wasnt having much success this month! HOWEVER!!!! There's more!! SO, After the meeting, Elder Zibin and Elder Black (Zone Leaders) pulled me aside and said "Elder Black, We talked to President, and he said its okay if you be our new District Leader!!! So YES, ELDER BLACK IS THE NEW DISTRICT LEADER!!! I have already had to do baptism interviews and stuff like that! its so cool but so stressful in a good way! I'm so excited! The best thing is, All of this happened i feel because of my interview with President! I confessed some minor things that were keeping me from working and now i can finally say that i feel like I've received a remission of my sins! I feel so grate and changed! Elder Vorwaller and I have worked so hard these last 4 days! We have changed the area around and we are seeing miracles! I love the atonement, I love being here! I went from totally stressed out, to working harder than ever! You could say it was a pretty weird week! Elder Guevara, I had told him at least 50 times to not flirt with the girl! and he never listened! President Personally thanked me for my obedience and told me to keep up the good work!:)
Any way! i love you guys so much! I had a great Birthday! i hope Beau and Mom had a great birthday too! I just worked hard and fasted for my area! However, tonight some members invited us over for my birthday party and one of the members is going to make me a birthday cake!! President also said that i could go to the temple soon! so things have taken a very nice turn! I love you all! have a great week!!<3<3<3<3

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Dear mom and dad,
 This week...I'm going to be honest with you okay? Mom and dad, with the mission work, I'm having the greatest time, I'm learning SOO much, I'm having fun, being obedient, helping all the people and growing my testimony. No...guys, about myself...I'm having a really hard time. I'm not happy all the time...Its not because of any rule changes or anything, but I am really starting to feel alone. I have felt like this for a while hoping that it would pass by. I sometimes feel like my prayers aren't being answered!, like if i pray about something, I've been taught to feel and listen, but I don't know if its different for me or what!. I sometimes feel like I don't know how to use the spirit. I just want to feel the spirit ALL the time! but I don't know how to do it! To be honest I'm ok mom and dad. Its just so frustrating! On Thursday our zone has Interveiws with President Laboriel. I figure I'm just going to open myself up to a man I've never met before in my life, and just ask for his help. And mom, the story you told me made me think for some things that maybe I should confess that maybe are keeping me from staying focused or maybe I'm just stressing out over nothing. I just have the feeling in my heart, that I need to trust President and have faith in him and myself. I'm learning to open up myself and be humble and have more faith. I love you mom and dad!
Now, I have something that would help me SO much if you did it. Mom AND Dad, I hope that you too are Reading, Praying, and Studying TOGETHER. maybe you both DO do this, but if you dont, PLEASE do it. Reading the book of mormon together is the BEST way to strengthen the family and recieve revelation for the family than anything! i love you both so much. Just pray for me okay? I LOVE YOU!!!
My Zone

  I also just found something out!...Mom, Elder Guevara has two converts that should be getting married in the temple, and If he gets to go, I get to go with him!...And its on Saturday:) Our Birthday!!!! I love you so much mom!! tell dad I love him too!! And Rhett!!!

Janet Kirk

Hi, Daphnie!

It was great to talk to you! 
The first picture was one I took the first Sunday I was there, May 31st, on the driveway of the house (mansion) where the meetings are held. The second was June 24th at my host family's house, 2 days before I left to come home.
The view is from the same driveway Brady is standing on, the woman in the chair in the living room was from the family night we walked to.  It was her humble, tiny home and there were about 11 or 12 of us.  She conducted and made typical Costa Rican chicken rice, there was a nice lesson and we played 'telephone' around the room for our game. That is a slice of Elder Guevara on the left. The spirit was strong and their love for and knowledge of the gospel was obvious. 
The road is actually the driveway to the church/house - the bus drops off at the bottom of the steep, windy driveway and everyone walks the rest of the way. 

I'm not the best at picture taking. I wish I had taken more. 

Thank you for raising such a kind, good boy to be my friend when I needed him. 
He is in my prayers, too.

Hope to talk to you when we're in Utah!

Janet Kirk

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Hello everyone!! How are you all?? This week was a good and stressful week! President Laboriel has made lots of new rules such as
1-No coke, pepsi, rootbeer, or dark drinks.
2-No Pictures of the family on the wall.
3-No girlfriend or boyfriend, but not like break up with them.
4- MEMORIZE the articles of faith, prophets of this dispensation, D&C 4, Prophet and 12 apostales, and all of the books in the book of mormon in order! EASY RIGHT;)... oh i left out a part...IN SPANISH!! 
But i can feel that i am going to learn so much and that these rules are to focus ourselves on the work better:) so im excited and nervous! But im ready for them:)..ill be healthier too;)
My week was pretty good! We taught a lady named geovanna, she is 6 months pregnant, whos boyfriend is an endowed gringo from arizona(who gave us the reference) and he is apperantly married to another woman(mormons) in arizona and has 5 kids! This woman should not be suffering through the things that she is going through. She told us her whole story(crying) and said that she knows that we are here to help her for a reason! she could feel that she could tell us everything! now she obviously didnt tell us EVERYTHING! haha but alot! We love her, she lives in some rich condo by herself with a really nice house!! and a patio!!
It was a great week! So a scripture that i want everyone to read together is Alma 18:8-10! you all know the story, but apply it:) 
Rhett, you good lookin stud, i want to wish you Happy Birthday buddy!! I love you so much stop growing so fast okay? 10 years old!! Mom and Dad are old right ;) hahaha!! but the next week is our birthday beau and mom!! I love you all! Mom, Dad, Beau, Emmalie, and Rhett! On teh 4th of july, i was having a really bad day, we didnt have a lot of lessons and i felt like crap, and lazy. We were waiting at the bus stop sitting there, and hundreds of fireworks started going off about 2 blocks away!! i loved it and it made my whole day!! i love you guys so much!! have agreat week!! Rhett have a great birthday buddy!!<3<3<3
Hey, this is the new mail address for the west mission!! An example of course:)
Elder Juanito perez burciaga
Apartado 859-1000
San Jose C.R

Baptisms!!! and they got married!

A butterfly

Elder Stott is a football player from BYU! One of my good friends!