Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 10, 2016


This week I have worked 3 hours in my area! (at most) 
It has been a very bust week that I didn´t plan on being busy. I never told you, but I gave my last Testimony in the Leadership meeting, I gave my last testimony Yesterday in our Zone Conference, and I will be giving it again during the Multi-Zone Conference on the 29th. Normally missionaries don´t have to do this. Maybe the Lord is trying to tell me that he wants me to share my testimony even more! 
Well, this week, I bought a new suit! (Don´t judge me for wanting to look handsome;) It is a $250 Suit that I bought for $100! That's right! Back to school is good for me too even in a 2nd world country! It´s Black (me) Italian! It´s really good! I will be wearing it when I come home. 

So this week I took President and Sister Laboriel to Migration to get their Cedulas renewed. I got to spend some quality time with President. We were just talking,(in Spanish) and he said to me, "With all of the trails and Sicknesses that you have had, I didn´t think that you were going to make it this far into the mission. I thought you would have gone home" It really caught me off guard. I really have gone through a lot of problems physically here in the mission and i have suffered A LOT. The Lord has helped me so much. He has had so much mercy on me. I love him so much for that. 

We had a lesson with a family this week. The mom and the daughter came to church last week, but had to leave after sacrament because of the youngest son. It was fast and testimony meeting and when we went over to their house that night, the daughter was there with her dad. And she just acted weird. So we asked her, Jisela, what´s wrong? And what she did was amazing. she said, "why do you talk so much about Joseph Smith? and Why do you ALL say that you KNOW that this is the only true church of Jesus Christ?" She opened her heart and wanted to know why. She said it like a prissy kind of way, but then she realized really WHY we were here as missionaries. We just looked at her and said. Because its the Truth! They all say that, because they literally KNOW that it is True. They have asked Heavenly Father and have tested the Book of Mormon to find out whether or not it really is important. She then understood and the Spirit was so strong! She almost cried. She started say things like, "so the reason why you came here for two years is to help US find out that there is a true church of Jesus Christ?" She has been prepared, and her sister María will follow her. The Lord prepares his Children. We have just been thinking that they were all different and closed with their other religion, but they are actually looking for something that they need. 

This week I was studying 1 Nephi chapter 17-18. Laman and Lemuel were really stupid. Did you know that? This is your scripture for this week. Study these chapters. "Obedience, is the Key to Success." Always remember this.

I love you all! I hope that everything goes great this week. Next week is Miracle week and so I will be very busy as well! Wish me Luck! LES AMO!
Took an Elder to the airport at 2:00 this morning. Just in case you´d like to see how tired I really am today! 😨

Closest to the Jungle that we get here in the city!

Elder Geiger and REAL Mexican Tacos with Bishop Savedra

Pictures of the River

Drove by the temple and a river

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