Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 19. 2015

I love my p-day on Saturdays, I love the office too! Yes I'm in the office right now, and I still knock doors everyday even if I'm in the office for 3/4 of the day. MOM GUESS WHAT!? Remember Mildred from Guacimo?? My first baptism???? Her and her husband are going to get sealed on the 23rd!! Elder Dale and I are going to the temple with them to see them get sealed!!! Best Christmas ever! Guess what else...Being the migration secretary, I put in all of the release dates for every missionary, including mine! My release date is October 4th. Crazy right?
Mom, Ive been getting into a bit of Family Search stuff.  I found that my 14th great aunt named Mary Tudor from your side of the family was the Queen of France. Her father was King Henry the Vlll!  It's the Miller side. So it comes through your blood! haha.. Also A girl named Sarah Wildes. You can look her up on google. She was hung in Massachusets for being accused for witchcraft as part of the Salem witch trials!! Also, my 5th cousin 8 times removed....ELVIS PRESLEY!! haha
now I know where the music comes from;) haha
Just so everyone knows! I will be skyping at 4:00pm YOUR TIME on Christmas. So for me it would be 5:00. I love you all!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
The Lady took the shot when my eyes were closed. Nice huh? haha


Christmas Caroling!


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