Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 11, 2016

Hello Everyone! I hope that you all had a great week. Lately it has been RAINING like CRAZY here in Escazu. Lots of water and lots of wet shoes and pants! Fun right?
This week some unexpected things happened. While we were having our Multi-Zone meeting with President, the lawyers call me and say "Hi Elder Black, We need 6 papers from you as soon as possible. We know it´s unexpected, but Migration is asking for them right now!" So I had to talk to President and tell him what was going on. 
I had to call in 4 Missionaries from their areas and made them come to Escazu as fast as possible to go the El Salvador and Guatemala Embassies. I had to get paperwork done, forms signed, and pictures taken to take to the embassy. It was crazy. The lawyers didn´t think I would have had it done until this week, but I went a step ahead of them and got it done in 2 days! Now on Wednesday, All I have to do is go to the Mexican embassy because it takes more time!

If you remember who Miguel Aguilar is, he was the Branch President in Santa Ana when I was there a year ago this month! He is President Laboriel´s Best friend from Honduras. He came to ANOTHER multi-zone conference that we had this week and talked to us about his book, Quetzalc√≥atl, el Mesias Judio. It is a book that I bought from him a year ago that HE wrote about the Mayan people and the visitation of Jesus Christ in Central America. He showed us pictures of the temples in Honduras and Guatemala, and Mexico. There are tons of things that we learned! We even saw some things that the Lamanites practiced thousands of years ago that have to do with the Temple!!! Crazy! I will have to show you some of the things that I learned later.
Nothing really huge happened this week! ha, ha it was an unsuccessful week that´s for sure. We didn´t find anybody that was ready to hear the gospel this week...keep praying for us! 

I love you all, if you need anything just let me know!!

I made Dr. Pepper Marinated Steaks!

SELFIES! And new haircut!

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