Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 25, 2016

Well hello there everyone! This week was pretty great!

We have been teaching this family from Nicaragua named Bismark and Tatiana. They are a golden family that just understand everything we teach them! They have a baptism and Wedding date for the 17th of July! Right before our birthday! WE also found a family named Jeuel and Scarlett in the mountain of Escazu! They were being taught by Elder Kepo´o and Elde Acuña a year ago. Actually, when I was in Santa Ana, I visited them on divisions but they never got baptized! 

Well, President called my Companion and I into his office yesterday and said, "Elders, I have received revelation from the Lord. You have been in this area for too long. You will now be switching with the other Secretaries to San José Central to work still as secretaries but in a different area!" Its the HUGE city in the Center of Costa Rica! BABYLON here I come! Ha,ha 

This week was normal! Ha,ha. But with lots of twists and turns! I am getting ready to take Elder Bullecer to the Airport in 2 weeks! This will be my new area. It goes ALL the way through the center! It´s huge! 
Inline image 1

Well, I will be in this area for only 3 more months! Then I will be coming home. I love you all! Have a great Week!!!!

My new Costa Rica Jersey;)


Art Show at the church

My favorite!!

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