Friday, July 15, 2016

July 9, 2016

HELLO MY FAVORITE FAMILY!! This week was pretty interesting and really busy!!!

This week, We found a young man named Victor that has NEVER heard about the Book of Mormon in his life. Before this, we were standing in the road praying to know which way to go. We had a feeling we should go behind us on a road that was not busy at all. But I saw a young man in the house on his phone and I had the feeling to talk to him. He loved the Book of Mormon! We gave him a book and gave him 2 Nephi 31 to read!  We haven´t been able to visit him again because of the office schedule, but he will be coming next Sunday to church with us. 

This week I have been studying the importance of the Book of Mormon in our own personal conversion. I have never realized why it is so important! I will give you a little hint to help you investigate the members in your ward. ***The members who are Studying the Book of Mormon DAILY, will always have spiritual experiences. Will always be looking for someone to share the gospel with. Will ALWAYS come EARLY to Sacrament meeting, and Always want to strengthen others before themselves. these things i have seen here in Costa Rica and I´m darn sure that it happens in Utah as well! 
Think about it! When we take time to read the Book of Mormon, we discipline ourselves! I invite you all, if you are already not, to take 30 minutes everyday to study, not just read, but study the Book of Mormon. you will see a new light in work, school, with friends, and will have the desire to change things that aren´t right. 

I love you all! This week is changes week and so It will be *insane!! I love you all! If you need anything, let me know!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Monkey taking a selfie with my camera! Zoo trip!

In my new house, I wake up and open the door and we find a big pile a CRAP! Literally! Left by homeless men in San Jose! Awesome right!? hahaah Thought I'd share that with ya;)


Mountain view from my area

Tico Bus

a pic from heredia

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