Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hey hey DAD!!! It's great to hear from you! This week was great and we
have 2 investigators that are reading the Book of Mormon and told us
that they know it is true and that they know and can feel that Joseph
Smith was a prophet and are planning for their baptisms on June 20th!!
That's awesome about the pinewood derby! Here, there isn't even anything
close to a scouting program! You need to show me pictures of the temple
celebration! During the week I can look up the celebration and watch
the recorded part by the church to show investigators!! I hope everything is going good! let me know if you need anything! Stay strong and always read the Book of Mormon! I love you so much!!!<33<3
YA!! PACKAGE!! Mom, hope that you had a great week! I am so proud of
you and hope that you know how much I love you. You are very strong! I actually have a story for you! So, Elder Guevara and I were walking in the street and a lady yelled "ELDERS!!" YES, in ENGLISH!! She asked us where the church is and came on Sunday! Her name is Janet Kirk from
Houston Texas. And she is here to finish up her semester in communications! I told her that you finished your schooling not too long ago and that you're a teacher! And she told me to tell you that
there is a lot to be stressed about when it comes to the pressure and stress of being a teacher! But she said to tell you that she's sure you're doing great and to stay strong and know that Heavenly Father is
always here to help you when you need it. She is 61 and he husband and her are waiting for their mission call!!

I know and can testify to you that Our Heavenly Father has a plan! Not just the plan of salvation but  a plan for everything! Something President Wilkinson told me a few weeks ago was that "We as God's children are not meant to know all the answers. We are here to walk by Faith, Some things.. We will never know!" I know that is true.
We have our agency, but that doesn't mean that our parents can't direct the process;)

P.S. LOOK UP BRIAN RUIZ!! He is the captain of the Costa Rica Soccer
team and I got a picture with him last Monday night!!!!!!! RHETT WILL

Brian Ruiz--Fifa Soccer Team

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