Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Today I taught a guy from California that was NOT ready to hear the gospel! All he did was fight us about how the Book of Mormon contradicts Mormon Doctrince and crap like that! it was funny;) I was like, "Have you prayed?" he said "I have read" and I said, "OK! Listen to me, Do you really think that God would give us ALL of the things that we needed to know and write them down is just a couple of books?!" That's why we have PRAYER! we can know the truth of ALL things through prayer!" Elder Vorwaller then said, "We don't have time to teach people that just want to argue with us. we are here to strengthen our faith and the faith of others, the spirit isn't here, we have to go now." and we got up and left!! There are some people that are so lost and need to hear the truth. 
I found a quote by Boyd K. Packer that i loved about faith! it says,  "We Begin With Faith- Not With a Perfect Knowledge of Things.." KaDi told me that God Calls people to serve missions to learn and progress, not those who are fully ready. I love that! We are here to learn, we just need to learn the TRUTH! People dont know that God has a Body, and that he isn't some great spirit flying around in space! hes a man! with a body and that has been tried and tested just like us!  I hope that you are ALL reading the Book of Mormon! EVERYDAY!! Even if its just 1 verse, it fulfilling Gods Commandment! I love you all, I hope you had and have a great week!
Mom, thank you for your advice and help! I love you so much! (by the way nice haircut!!)
Dad, I know you work a lot, but I love you so much! i tell my investigators about you and mom all the time!:)
Beau, I hope your reading the Book of Mormon man! I love ya, and good luck at UVU!!
Emmalie, Who knew that you could sing;) I love ya OMM!!
Rhett, Let me know how messi is doing! everyonce in a while I see him play!:) Love ya buddy!!

Ya I'm great! happier now today!! SO my skin itches after I get wet, like when its drying. For about 15 minutes itches then stops! I have antihistamine pills, but they don't do much. I love you mommy!!! Tell dad that I

Farewell to President and Sister Wilkinson. They are returning home to Saratoga Springs. Their homecoming report is July 12th. We will have our new mission president tomorrow.
am thinking about him all the time! I know he has to work a lot, but I love him! I can't wait to hear from him again! Tell him thanks for his help!!

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