Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Well hello their family!! Como estan todos!? I hope that everything is going great! I had some great experiences this week! I will tell you all about them!
SO, Yesterday, Elder Guevara and I had to go to the church(house) early so that I could practice the piano to play in Sacrament Meeting. We got off of the bus, and 2 women got off with us. One of the ladies we had talked to about 2 weeks earlier and the other was her sister. Her name is Julia and had told us 2 weeks earlier that she was a member and was looking to find the church! And her sisters name is Jenny. We walked up the hill to the church and we talked with them. And we found out that NEITHER of them were members and that they love the church and are going to keep coming !! I want to tell you about the power that music has!!!  So i was practicing the piano and it was just Elder Guevara and I and Jenny in the room. I started to play "I know that my Redeemer Lives", and as I played i looked over at Jenny, and she was staring at the piano and just balling!! I didn't know what to do , however i felt as though I should keep playing!! The spirit filled the room!!! So Jenny told us that Her Nephew died about 2 months ago. And she was SOOOO SAD!! After sacrament i went up to them and asked them how it was and they both loved it!! Afterward, I told the gospel doctrine teacher,(usually I teach) that we should teach the spirit world and the plan of salvation! So we read Alma 40:11-14 with everyone, and as we read, Jenny and Julia were VERY happy!! They were both filled with the spirit and i knew that they knew that her nephew was in paradise!! I am so thankful for the plan of salvation, and I'm so grateful for a loving heavenly father that literally is going to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to save ALL of his children!!
So Julio and Jackelin should be getting baptized this weekend! Yesterday we went to the house and WE were like "Do you really want to do this??"  and they were like, "the money, we have to pay the hosue on Friday and for food, so we don't have the money!" Elder Guevara then said, "I promise you both, In the name of Jesus Christ, That if you give us the money for the wedding, and pay the house on Friday, You WILL NOT go hungry and WILL have food on the table!!" It was so quiet! Then i said " I have a tithing envelope right here. Are you willing to put the money in this envelope and give it to us for the wedding?" Julio then said "I WILL PAY!" We then put the money in the slip and sealed it up until Friday! They were both crying so hard and i could feel that they ahd made some major progress!! So they are doing great so pray for them:) 
I f you could send me an EASY HYMNS BOOK that would be GREAT! 
I love you all! i hope everyone is doing good! Mom, good luck with your break!;) Dad, keep working hard and know how much I'm here for ya:) Beau, good luck at UVU good lookin;) Emmalie, good luck with your dancing and your singing, don't get into trouble;) Rhett, Let me know how Messi is doing, and my best friend Brian Ruiz;) haha no but seriously;)
 I love you guys! have a great week!!!!<3<3<3<3

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