Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12, 2016

Hello everyone!

This week was changes week! Did not sleep worth anything, but it was a great sacrifice. The Lord helped me through it! we saw miracles. On Thursday I went to the airport and dropped off the "deads". It was funny. 8 missionaries went home. ALL Latinos. 

President is coming up with some new ideas to help the mission out. I have a powerful testimony of Prayer and of The Priesthood! I didn't have anything super crazy happen this week. Just a loss of sleep°! ha,ha but I'm great! happy and looking for new ways to get better. 

Being the migration secretary, I had to order the renovation form for my Costa Rican ID. You only get 2 in the mission, and I'm about to get mine. Soon I will be buying my own plane ticket home! haha Ironic Right? 

Well, I love you all, and i hope that you all have  great week! if you need anything, then let me know! I would love some beef jerkey! LOTS. I love you guys!!

The Costa Rica brownie!

We got Bluetooth headsets!



Tico Fries

Cockroach!! #Ikilledit


Costa Rican Moon!

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