Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2, 2016

Buenas Tardes mi Querido Familia!! ¿Como estan?
Conference was great right!? I had to watch it in Spanish, so I didn't understand 100% of it. This week I will be watching the rest online. I loved Elder Anderson's and Elder Duncan´s talks! 

This week we had our Mission Leadership Meeting. We focused a lot on how to bring more investigators to church. We talked about getting the members more involved in the work. The mission work is not for missionaries to try and find investigators to baptize. Something that Elder Duncan said a while back is "The members are the Finders, The missionaries are the teachers through the Spirit." We shouldn't be out in the road looking for investigators. We should be in the church all day long waiting for the members to bring us investigators that are chosen and ready to listen to the restored gospel. 

During our Leadership meeting on Friday, we were talking about discipline and obedience, and President put me throughout the whole meeting to pass around quickly the microphone. He likes us all to be ALIVE and DYNAMIC so he puts me to do it because I run. ha,ha. During President's presentation, he randomly paused and said, "Look everyone, in a handful of years when you are watching General Conference and you all see a Red spot up in the General Authorities, you will all know who that is!" It was funny. I hope that wasn´t some profound prediction, or I´m in for it! ha,ha.

This next week, we will be going to the temple, AGAIN! I´m so excited! I almost have 5 months in Escazu and now I have 18 months in the mission. I have almost finished the time of a sister missionary! crazy right!?

I love you all! if you need anything, just let me know!! 

My comp found out that I was taking pics! hehe

Hermana Laboriel got mad at my companion and I for not having pictures of the family on our desks. Soo....we repented!! haha here you are!Inline image 1

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