Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 23, 2015

¡¡¡¡¡Buenas Tardes mi querida familia!!!!

This week was pretty flippin' crazy! Changes week!
Monday and Tuesday were crazy because the NEWS came from Guatemala and Mexico. They are funny. They all said, "Do you have family that are Mexicans, because your Spanish is really good!?" ha, ha It was funny;) 
The Lawyers came and helped me out with the things I need to better the cedula process! It was good:) 
Slowly we will be getting better with migration stuff. Actually, if president doesn´t decide to keep me in the office the rest of my mission, I will be training the new secretary the next change. But we will see!
On Wednesday I didn´t get to go to the temple...President said we had gone in the last month so we couldn´t...It hurt really bad, and I wanted to talk to President, but all I did was Obey. On Thursday I went to the airport at 4:00! Woke up at 2:00 and dropped off the old missionaries to go home. Every time I go its just like a fast forward from 5 months from now. crazy right? Pretty soon it will be my turn, but I don't want to think about that! ha, ha 

Today I went to San Jose and Bought some new white shirts and ties. The color difference in the 2 are TERRIBLE! ha, ha its so funny. Costa Rica is really expensive so you can imagine how much it costed...he, he;)
This week will be more interesting! 

Actually, we were contacting in a place called Santa Teresa. And we didn't have any success. We prayed beforehand to have a miracle and to find a family that are willing to hear and follow the gospel. We decided to stop and get a little snack and the Pulpería. While we were eating some cookies, a man with tattoos walks out and starts smoking. I had this weird feeling that I should talk to him. I new it was the spirit. My spiritual impression are things that I know I need to do. I kind of blocked it off a bit, but I didn't let it pass. He started to walk away and I said "AMIGO" he turned and looked. Then smiled! I said, "We are Representatives of Jesus Christ, and we are here to share a message with you and your family." He said, "Ok, come with me to my house." He smelt like smoke and beer as we followed him to his house. We walked into his house and there was a woman, his mother, who stared at us like she had seen a ghost. We introduced ourselves and she said, please sit down, I will make you something to eat. Alan (the son) and Rosario (the mom), prepared a huge meal for us including Chinese noodles, water, and bread. In the middle of eating, Rosario says "You 2 want to know something weird?" we are like "whats up?" She said "When Alan left the house, I got a very worried feeling over me. I didn't know if he would be coming back or not." Then she said, "So I said a prayer to God to have angels watch over him and bring him back home to me. And then when I heard to door open...I saw Alan, and 2 white shirts and Ties, and smiles on their faces!" 
I have a very powerful testimony of Prayer, and of Spiritual Impressions. They smallest things can become something much larger. Just imagine what would have happened if we hadn´t followed that impression. They are now planning on coming to church this Sunday and want to make some changes in their lives. I know that Heavenly Father is preparing his children. 

I hope that you all have a great week! I will send some pictures! I love you all!!!
-Elder Black
My Children ;)


What do you mean I spent a hundred dollars....not true;) he, he don't judge me! Look at the difference in the shirts! jaja

Shopping day!

Elder Bullecer with Elder Black and East Mission secretaries.

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