Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 14, 2016

Buenas Tardes!!!

This week was very interesting. I don´t know if it´s the same thing in the states right now, but this week was something that they call, "Family Week". So this week, they had lots of activities for the members to do and to bring their non-member friends with them to participate. ( Alot of the members didn´t even try to bring anyone, which helps us out alot...) However, some did!! And they loved it. We are hoping for lots of investigators in church on sunday because 1: We worked like crazy this week to get people in church. and 2: We have a baptism tonight, and a confirmation tomorrow!!
The boy´s name is José Antonio Corrales. He is 14 years old and is the cousin of a now Active member. His cousin´s name is Brayan Corrales. Brayan will actually be baptizing his cousins. One will be baptized tonight, and the other on the 22nd of this month. José actually this week broke his arm!! So we are going to put plastic bags on his cast and baptize that boy! 

Yesterday we had a ward talent show! I sang "Prueba la Promesa" for everyone and they loved it! They weren´t expecting it because they only think of Elder Bullecer and I as the "Office Elders" Next week is the week of sacrifice, and like always, I will have to work on migration stuff. On Thursday, I will be at migration from 10:00 am --1:00 pm and again from 5:00 pm --7:00 pm. Crazy right? It will be interesting. We will be working specifically to Find people that are ready to listen to the gospel. So please pray for us to find those "Chosen of the Lord". 

Today in Costa Rica it is really hot! However there is a slight wind! Green like always and crazy as ever. We just got done tossing around a football with the Ward Leaders. Something that came into my head yesterday and again today, is that the Costa Ricans do not rely on their schooling. They don´t think it is very important to them. They act like they can go on through life, beginning Poor, and expect to make more money in the future not going to school. They don´t have money, so the solution they have is to drop out of school and try to work. THEN, they can´t find a job that will accept them because they didn´t study. So then they are in an even bigger problem! I am grateful for diligent parents that, even though I am stubborn, made me go to school. You can literally SEE the difference in the people. You can teach someone something in the simplest way and they still don´t get it because they never learned how to process things inside their mind. I never thought I would say it but, SCHOOLING IS IMPORTANT! I see everyday, the results of non educated people, and it hurts to see them this way. That is why the Prophets have ALWAYS taught us to "Gain as much education as possible". There is a reason for it. 

I love you all so much. I hope that you all invite non-members to church activities because without your help, the missionaries will never reach their potential. Have a great week and I love you all so much! I am praying for you daily!
Skyping with the family on Mother's Day!

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