Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016

Well, this week will be something a little more interesting. I will basically not be doing anything migration wise. Instead I will be in meetings with President, the assistants, a general authority, and a camera crew from Salt Lake City. They will be doing about 50 hours or so of filming on our mission. I think they will be making a training video for mission Presidents and general authorities. They will be filming our Multi-Zone meetings and our Leadership council. It is a pretty big thing! I am not even sure what to expect! Wish me luck and be praying for me please:) Elder Jorge Zeballos, President of the Mission Department will be here for 1 week! 

This week was the week of sacrifice! And trust me, it was a lot of sacrifice. I had to work, in Migration and in the office. It was so stressful and difficult. On Thursday morning AND Evening, I had to bring missionaries to get their IDs. I am not one to be late to appointments, so when the missionaries get to the office late, i get really mad and nervous. So when the 2 companionships came late, I had to pull them aside and chastise them because they came 30 minutes late! There are some people in the mission that don´t really like that I do that, but that is what President has told me to do. This mission is a mission of discipline...

I will let you all know how everything goes! I also have a baptism tonight at 7:30! Our second this month! Wish us luck! I love you all!! I will send pics of last weeks baptism!!
I did not take these pics, however this is the volcano that is really close to erupting here in Costa Rica right now! Crazy right?? It did the same almost 2 years ago when I was in Guacimo. The ash is hitting my area! #breathingash

Jose's Baptism

Mexican and Guatemalan Food!

Culture night! Missionaries cooking

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