Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

I saw some white tailed deer today!!!!I'm doing good! President came to our baptism!! it was so cool!! its our 3rd baptism this month!!Russel M. Nelson did a webcast conference with all of the missionaries in Central America! He Pronounced an Apostalic Blessing upon us during the conference!! He promised us that
-Our Families would be blessed.
-That we can get rid of any sickness that we have.
-And that each one of us would return to our families safely!! Its cool huh?? The spirit was so strong!!!
Mom and Dad, I need you guys to send this picture to John Osburne okay?? Ask him if he knows a Miguel Aguilar (on the left in yellow) that served in his mission!! Love you guys!!!

President Laboriel came to our baptism!!

Zoo Day

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