Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31,2015

With that scripture, (Mosiah 1:5) when I read that it made me think of a talk by Jeffrey R. Holland that says that the book of mormon sheds light on another modern day truth that "In the Last days, mens hearts shall fail them, even the members, the Elect of God we might even say" I promise you mom, that if you are reading the scriptures with Dad every day, that your days will be better. Because when we open our scriptures every day, Our Heavenly Father has no choice but to bless us. Daily scripture reading is a commandment of God. So when we read, we not only keep the commandment, but we recieve blessings. Keep Reading the Book of mormon mommy!!
With the contacts, Get those things sent out!:) I want them bad! 
Guess what?? President invited all of the members of the secretaries and us to go and eat lunch at his house today! It will be so awesome!! Actually, today, about 15 minutes ago, President cam in and told all of us to get in a circle. He then tested us on the Articles of Faith and the prophets, and the book of mormon, commandments, and D&C 4! I didn't miss one!!! Actually, on D&C 4, EVERYONE messed up and so president turned to me and said "Elder Black, I know you have memorized everything, tell me D&C 4" I recited it off in Spanish perfectly and told everyone to follow my example ;) I felt kinda cool ;) haha
What is it that is giving you the courage to stay out there on your mission? Why can you do it?
To answer that question, IT's hard during the week. There are times during the week that I think, "I just want to go home" but then I just go to work. I look for things to become closer to Christ and one of my goals is that I want to perform a miracle everyday in someones life! As I share my testimony, it helps me strive to bless the lives of more people. Thank you for all that you do mom! Say Hi to dad for me and let him know that I love him too! <3

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