Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2, 2016

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! 2016
Wow, this week was pretty crazy and awesome!
It being the week of new years, there was really nobody inside their houses. Half the world went to Nicaragua. It´s been pretty hard. However, we did have a baptism and we did have some little parties! (don't worry I didn't do too much drinking 😉) haha 
This week we had a meeting with President about the missionaries coming in and having their month check up. That means FOOD:) We get the opportunity to be with President and Sister Laboriel and the trainers and news this Monday. We as secretaries mostly have to prepare the tables, chairs, and paperwork to get their fingerprints done:) that's my job! 
On New Years eve, We went and bought 3 bottles of Welches Sparkling Cider and Chocolate, and had ourselves a mini-party missionary style! Don´t tell anybody, but we even stayed up late too, until 10:31 pm! we were bad!;) haha 

This week I have been focusing alot on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I bought a little green book that I write down things that interest me inside of it. I want to share a couple of quotes that I wrote down. 

1: Anger is a sign of Weakness- Gordon B. Hinckley
2: If we love the Lord, we will feed his sheep.
3:There is Nothing more greater than having a friend in the church.
4: The road to hell is full of excuses and good intentions.
5: Christ had to suffer every affliction of ALL MANKIND so that when we are passing through difficult times with the same afflictions, he knows EXACTLY how we feel and knows EXACTLY what to do to help us feel better.
6: Hard Work requires Patience- Patience requires Humility- Humility requires Love- Love requires Faith- Faith requires Actions.

These are some of the quotes that are in my little book. #6 is one that I made:)
I love you all and hope that you have a great week! I´ll be coming home this year! crazy right!?

LOOK WHO FINALLY GOT BAPTIZED!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! :D It´s Jesus and Joana, the family that Elder Dale and I were teaching for like 5 months!!

My little quote book


The diagram that´s in Abraham! but HUGE!!


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