Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 23, 2016

Here is a little office fun:) Love you!

This week I took 5 Missionaries to get their Costa Rican Cedulas. (its like and ID). And with that, I have an experience to share with you:) As I sat on the ground waiting for hours for the Cedulas to be ready in the busy migration building, One of the workers there walks up to me next to a black guy and says, "Do you speak English?" (in Spanish of course) I responded that I do, and she said, "oh thank you, can you help me translate for this man? he doesn´t speak any Spanish!" I said "You betchya!" The man´s name was Yemi and he was from Katar in Nigeria!! He was there with his wife and new born baby. They looked sad and tired and were worried about their baby.  I guess they came here to Costa Rica so that the baby could be born. I don't know why that would matter, but I just went with it:) What they needed was to make their transmit report with their passports and fill out a whole bunch of Migration papers and pay $100 in the bank BEFORE 12:00 or they wouldn´t be able to make the migration report and would become illegal! So I helped this man and his wife make copies of their passports, fill out the paperwork, make the payment in the bank, and Got them to the migration office to present the information BEFORE 12:00! I now am so grateful and now I understand why the Lord put me in this position of Migration. I filled out papers that before 2 months ago, I had´t even seen before. The Lord has a plan for each one of us! After everything was said and done, Yemi, and his wife came up to me and said "You have made us Love God more!" They were then legal. He wrote down my name and email and said he would stay in contact with me when they returned to Nigeria. I know and Testify that the Lord watches over us. Even when we do stupid things, he is there, with us , specifically, to help us when we fall or need help.

Selfie Saturday!

ALSO!! I had a little one on one time with President yesterday, and he says to me "Elder Black, you finish your mission in October right?" and I say "si" and he says "Escazu will be your last area, your going to finish as my secretary, so be good! " so Yup, I have 9 months and will be here for 9 months! fun right?  I love You all!! 😋

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