Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 13, 2016

Hello everyone! This week was pretty boring! I went and did Cedulas and then tried to work in my area. There was interviews with president all this week, however I didn't get interviewed because President always sees us. It was funny when I waited for my interview and then found that out;)

Today I went to the temple!! We went with brother Karlinsey and he took Me, Elder Bullecer, Elder Duran, Elder Tullis, and my converts here in Escazu, Esperanza and Mercedes. We did Baptisms for the dead! I obviously didn't get in to the water! I did confirmations! It was great! 

This week was pretty dead, haha but this next week will be a lot better. Its the week of sacrifice this week!!! So wish me luck! Love you all!

Last week, I went to an animal reservation! I got to see a ton of tropical animals! I saw snakes, crocs, birds, monkeys and everything! I was 1 inch away from a BEAUTIFUL Scarlett Parrot!! A small baby white tailed deer sucked on my fingers! And a white headed Cappuchin monkey played with my fingers! It was so cool!!

I know Rhett would have loved the monkeys!
Random baby shower

Our Family Tree

French Toast Party

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