Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 6, 2016

Elder Black and Elder Bullecer--sent from Mechas Alvarado in Costa Rica
House Cleaning

I hope that everyone is doing great and that you had a great week. This week was changes week! On Monday, I got the north Americans ready to go. There is one Sister that came from Lindon named sis Lazalde. Then on tuesday, i went to the lawyers office and migration to do a bunch of paperwork. On wednesday morning, I went to the temple. Elder Stott and I Chilled inside the Celestial Room for like an hour and a half! Then at night, i had to get all of the finishing missionaries to presidents house for their last dinner with President. Then I went to san Jose at night to sleep at another house to go to the airport at 3 in the morning. I didnt sleep at all that night because they were up all night talking. So after the airport, President gave me permission to go and sleep, HOWEVER, because i want to do my job the best I can, I went and took missionaries to do Cedulas at 9 on thursday, so I didnt get to sleep. After cedulas we got a call from President saying that he needed a check in Heredia ASAP! so we took a taxi to Heredia and i STILL didnt get to sleep. Until I got back to the office! Where there, I went into President´s office, moved the table, and slept on his carpet 😁 IT WAS NICE! 
So ya, thats my week! I love you all alot! Have a great week!!
This is a picture that is found on the church newsroom for Costa Rica!! I´m in the background doing service in Heredia!

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