Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 20, 2016

Hello Everyone!

This week was crazy! And like always...I did get sunburned a little bit;)  but that's not anything new! 
Basically this whole week I was in Santa Ana on divisions. It was great to be back, but we worked so hard!! I had a lot of fun as well! ( Not as much fun as going to Disneyland or the Beach..but it was fun! :) 

This week we talked with everyone! We made tons of plans to go to central parks of almost each area to talk with people. I gave the idea to go to the central park of San Jose and Shine people's shoes and teach them at the same time! It was a cool idea and everyone had a lot of success doing it. Then we sang to people too:) The people love when we sing:) Some members saw us and started to sing along with us:) 

It was pretty much just contacting and finding this week! However, I did have a miracle!! We were just about to walk in the gate of our cook's house, and some lady slammed on her breaks in her car and waved her hand at me to come to her. I went over and she says "English or Español?" I said "Both!" So this lady says in English, "I want to know more about your church! My husband is from Salt Lake City and he has told me a lot about it. However he is an inactive member." So we answered A LOT of her questions in Spanglish! and we put a date to visit her:) She said she has always seen us walking around, but never had the chance to talk to us. She she said that when she saw me right by the road, she had to talk to me! it was pretty cool! made my week:) 

I love you all! Hope that you all have a great week!!
Selfie Saturday!

Check out my sunburn!

The temple before the airport.

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