Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Dear mom and dad,
 This week...I'm going to be honest with you okay? Mom and dad, with the mission work, I'm having the greatest time, I'm learning SOO much, I'm having fun, being obedient, helping all the people and growing my testimony. No...guys, about myself...I'm having a really hard time. I'm not happy all the time...Its not because of any rule changes or anything, but I am really starting to feel alone. I have felt like this for a while hoping that it would pass by. I sometimes feel like my prayers aren't being answered!, like if i pray about something, I've been taught to feel and listen, but I don't know if its different for me or what!. I sometimes feel like I don't know how to use the spirit. I just want to feel the spirit ALL the time! but I don't know how to do it! To be honest I'm ok mom and dad. Its just so frustrating! On Thursday our zone has Interveiws with President Laboriel. I figure I'm just going to open myself up to a man I've never met before in my life, and just ask for his help. And mom, the story you told me made me think for some things that maybe I should confess that maybe are keeping me from staying focused or maybe I'm just stressing out over nothing. I just have the feeling in my heart, that I need to trust President and have faith in him and myself. I'm learning to open up myself and be humble and have more faith. I love you mom and dad!
Now, I have something that would help me SO much if you did it. Mom AND Dad, I hope that you too are Reading, Praying, and Studying TOGETHER. maybe you both DO do this, but if you dont, PLEASE do it. Reading the book of mormon together is the BEST way to strengthen the family and recieve revelation for the family than anything! i love you both so much. Just pray for me okay? I LOVE YOU!!!
My Zone

  I also just found something out!...Mom, Elder Guevara has two converts that should be getting married in the temple, and If he gets to go, I get to go with him!...And its on Saturday:) Our Birthday!!!! I love you so much mom!! tell dad I love him too!! And Rhett!!!

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