Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015

Hello everyone!!! How are you all? How was your week!!??
My week was so great and crazy! Let me tell you about it!!
SO!!! I have some crazy news!! SO WE had our meeting with president on Thursday! He is amazing! so funny and so serious! He asked me some articles of faith in Spanish and I said them to him! he was like "wow, good job!" Then after his capacitation, Elder Guevara pulled me aside and said, "follow me, there's something I need to tell you..." immediately my heart dropped! He pulled me outside and said, "I think I'm going home,(a young women in the ward) and I have started to have lots of feelings toward each other. We have secretly been writing in a notebook back and forth behind your back about our feelings and now its worse than ever" So when he said this, I was like "WHAT?!?!" So I was like, "You need to confess that to President, you cant be in this area" So he confessed to President! and During my interview he told me what was going on! So, on Thursday, Elder Guevara had emergency changes!! President kicked him out of the area for his protection. So he got changed to San Jose central. And my new companion is a GRINGO! its Elder Vorwaller from Idaho! It was just an area change, and so ELder Vorwaller was part of the zone! SO THAT, is why I wasnt having much success this month! HOWEVER!!!! There's more!! SO, After the meeting, Elder Zibin and Elder Black (Zone Leaders) pulled me aside and said "Elder Black, We talked to President, and he said its okay if you be our new District Leader!!! So YES, ELDER BLACK IS THE NEW DISTRICT LEADER!!! I have already had to do baptism interviews and stuff like that! its so cool but so stressful in a good way! I'm so excited! The best thing is, All of this happened i feel because of my interview with President! I confessed some minor things that were keeping me from working and now i can finally say that i feel like I've received a remission of my sins! I feel so grate and changed! Elder Vorwaller and I have worked so hard these last 4 days! We have changed the area around and we are seeing miracles! I love the atonement, I love being here! I went from totally stressed out, to working harder than ever! You could say it was a pretty weird week! Elder Guevara, I had told him at least 50 times to not flirt with the girl! and he never listened! President Personally thanked me for my obedience and told me to keep up the good work!:)
Any way! i love you guys so much! I had a great Birthday! i hope Beau and Mom had a great birthday too! I just worked hard and fasted for my area! However, tonight some members invited us over for my birthday party and one of the members is going to make me a birthday cake!! President also said that i could go to the temple soon! so things have taken a very nice turn! I love you all! have a great week!!<3<3<3<3

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