Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Hello everyone!! How are you all?? This week was a good and stressful week! President Laboriel has made lots of new rules such as
1-No coke, pepsi, rootbeer, or dark drinks.
2-No Pictures of the family on the wall.
3-No girlfriend or boyfriend, but not like break up with them.
4- MEMORIZE the articles of faith, prophets of this dispensation, D&C 4, Prophet and 12 apostales, and all of the books in the book of mormon in order! EASY RIGHT;)... oh i left out a part...IN SPANISH!! 
But i can feel that i am going to learn so much and that these rules are to focus ourselves on the work better:) so im excited and nervous! But im ready for them:)..ill be healthier too;)
My week was pretty good! We taught a lady named geovanna, she is 6 months pregnant, whos boyfriend is an endowed gringo from arizona(who gave us the reference) and he is apperantly married to another woman(mormons) in arizona and has 5 kids! This woman should not be suffering through the things that she is going through. She told us her whole story(crying) and said that she knows that we are here to help her for a reason! she could feel that she could tell us everything! now she obviously didnt tell us EVERYTHING! haha but alot! We love her, she lives in some rich condo by herself with a really nice house!! and a patio!!
It was a great week! So a scripture that i want everyone to read together is Alma 18:8-10! you all know the story, but apply it:) 
Rhett, you good lookin stud, i want to wish you Happy Birthday buddy!! I love you so much stop growing so fast okay? 10 years old!! Mom and Dad are old right ;) hahaha!! but the next week is our birthday beau and mom!! I love you all! Mom, Dad, Beau, Emmalie, and Rhett! On teh 4th of july, i was having a really bad day, we didnt have a lot of lessons and i felt like crap, and lazy. We were waiting at the bus stop sitting there, and hundreds of fireworks started going off about 2 blocks away!! i loved it and it made my whole day!! i love you guys so much!! have agreat week!! Rhett have a great birthday buddy!!<3<3<3
Hey, this is the new mail address for the west mission!! An example of course:)
Elder Juanito perez burciaga
Apartado 859-1000
San Jose C.R

Baptisms!!! and they got married!

A butterfly

Elder Stott is a football player from BYU! One of my good friends!

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