Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 2, 2015

Wow!! I cant believe that a year has already gone by! It flew so fast! I don't want to get old! ha,ha This week was very interesting! I will start off with an experience that I had. This week we didn''t find a lot of new investigators. So i was pretty stressed out about that...and so what I did was stop at the head of a street that I had never contacted before, and said a prayer right there in the middle of the road. After the prayer, I felt a huge impression to knock on the 3rd door on the right. I knocked the door and I just grabbed their attention like crazy and they loved us from the first second. They let us in Perfectly! The mom(Cinthia), the daughter(Valeria), and the son(Diego) we the only ones home. The dad(Roy) was working at this time. So we taught them a little bit about the church and i asked them if they like music. They all so yes, so I sang to them! I sang ´´Abide with me 'tis even tide´´ They loved it and the spirit filled the room. We invited them to church and they accepted. They told us to pick them up on Sunday. So Sunday morning we got their in car actually, and i knocked the door again, and ALL of them were ready to go except the son who had a soccer game to go to. So we took the dad, mom and daughter to church and they loved it!! They are planning on getting married really soon. I found out that the dad is actually an inactive member from about 12 years ago with his ex-wife. But they the mom, daughter, and son are all planning on getting baptized!!
This week will be the week of sacrifice again!! we are planning on taking Roy and the Family to the temple on Friday! 
We had a meeting with the branch president on Saturday night and he helped us open our eyes more about how to help the members and get more baptisms. His name is Walter Venegas, he served his mission in Guatemala and he baptized who knows how many. He is very persuasive and knows how to talk to the members and people. He loved to help us out and joke around with us. 
I hope you are all going to the temple as much as possible! I go every week!!...From the outside. ha,ha But I'm just grateful that I even get to SEE the temple! Just looking at it I can feel the power and spirit that it has and brings. I love you all! have a great week! if you need anything just let me know! 
OH, Pray for Roy and his family, Jony, Daniel, Jeiner,Vannessa, Gabriel, Sandra, and Denis hunt. I love you all! have a good week!!! 😁😁

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