Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

WOW! This week was crazy, awesome, frustrating, and sad all in the same time! Well, the good news is we had our baptisms this week! The bad news is, is that we didn't have ALL of our baptisms because Satan is a loser! :) Diego's real mom got all mad and influenced him to not get baptized even though she is a member herself. However she is inactive right now. So Diego did not get baptized! However, I baptized Valeria and Elder Serrano baptized Cinthya! IT was AWESOME!! We also had Cinthya and Roy's wedding! Elder Serrano and I were the Witnesses! It was sick!
So I keep hearing about a video of me playing and singing! What is that?? I don't even know what that is! ha, ha But as long as it sounds good! 
 OH!! I got your packages today!!! They finally came! ACtually, as they were looking for the package from the fame, they found one from KaDi as well! it was funny! I was so excited that I ripped open the box to see what was inside! Thank you so much for the presents!! I love them!! As well as last year, Christmas is really different. It makes me feel a little weird because the culture is so different. Its weird to think that in 4 weeks, I will be talking to you through skype. And then, I will have less that 10 months. That's CRAZY! its gone by so fast! I am going to sell my crappy ukelele, I can sell it for like 25-35 dollars. I bought a new one that wont break. All of the members are asking me to come and do a family home evening at their houses so that I can sing to them with my ukelele! Its funny! Christmas is just around the corner!! Then news years again! At least they do a whole bunch of fireworks here! Just think! The next Thanksgiving and Christmas, will be with you guys!! :D Awesome right? however its also really sad! 
I love you all, I send out a package for the fam bam! And also for KaDi. Cant wait to see you on Christmas! LOVE YA ALL! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!
Black Friday

Thanksgiving Cider

Roy and Cynthia's Wedding

I was a witness.

Lazy Elders

Roy, Cynthia, and Valeria's Baptism

I baptized Valeria.

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