Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 9, 2015

Buenas Tardes a todos!! Espero que todo esta bien en la casa! Este semana fue muy interesante!!
Hello everyone! This week was so cool! As you know, about 3-4 weeks ago, We had a branch missionary activity. President Laboriel came and gave a talk, and we had 89 people in church! Remember that?? WELL, President decided to send 2 ELDERS to Santo Domingo! Today was changes! Now Elder Garcia from guatemala and Elder Carrion from honduras are going to be living in our house as Santo Domingo 2! Elder Serrano and I are Santo Domingo 1! So we are going to work like crazy in this area!
This week was our week of sacrifice!! It was crazy just like the last time! Only this time, I did something different!! I walked by a very small music store on monday and I found a good Ukelele for cheap here, so I bought it and started learning Hyms on it for this week of sacrifice! So Elder Navas (Zone Leader) and I stood in front of everyone in the central Park of Heredia and Sang our hearts out. And while we were singing, President Laboriel showed up and come over and started listening and took videos of us singing to show at the leadership meetings! It was cool!
Along with the Ukelele, I actually wrote a song this week! Its about the Book of mormon and the promise that has. The cool thing is...IT'S IN SPANISH! ha,ha it rhyms and everything! Its called ¨Pruebe la Promesa``
So on Friday, We had the opportunity to take ALL of our investigators to the costa rica temple again!!! It was so amazing! The best thing is that Roy, Cinthia, and Valeria came with us!!! This family is seriously amazing! Roy, is obsessed with 80s music!! I love the guy! So we had a huge lesson with all fo the investigators in the Zone and then we walked around the temple with them all. Elder Navas and I sang the song that I wrote to a group of people and then after, Roy and Cinthia came up to us and said ¨We want you to sing that song at our wedding¨!!!!!! So we will be singing the song I wrote at their wedding and baptism on the 28th of november!! I will send you a video of the song!
Our Branch President took us in his office and told us the new rule about children with gay parents cannot be baptized. Its amazing what Heavenly Father is planning. I want to give my testimony RIGHT HERE in this email, That I KNOW and TESTIFY that THOMAS S. MONSON is a Prophet of God. He reveals his promises and protection to us. We have to have the faith that the things that he says are true. And if you dont believe it, Ask Father Yourselves!!!!! I promise that he will make the truth known. We are the only church with a living modern prophet that recieves direct revalation! I know that Jesus Christ Lives! I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

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