Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nov 20, 2014

Hey!! I wanted to make sure that I emailed rhett before he went to school! i know that the rest of ya can email throughout the day! so rhett!! hows it going buddy!? I miss you man! your spanish is getting really good:) This week i've learned alot of spanish! it's really hard sometimes, but it's really easy sometimes! I have now given an entire lesson in spanish. It is really cool the things that i can say, even though i've only been here  for 3 weeks!! i love you so much rhett! i hope you have a good day, and a good week at school! i llove getting your letters! i am going to send a package home with some stuff to let you guys know what kind of stuff is going on here! rhett there will be a surprise for ya!! i know it's something youll like. The guys before me gave it to me. anyway, rhett i love you so much buddy!! Have a good day!! i will email everyone else in a bit!!

This week has been so fun and so stressful at the same time. each day we are learning so much new things! the language is coming great! i can now teach an entire lesson in spanish, ive memorized scriptures, and memorized the first vision all in spanish!! its so cool! thank you so much for the packages!! they make me so happy. i hope you are doing okay:) i miss you and love you. the guy i taught from blanding was just for a day. I never taught him again. but it really helped me to connnecrt with him to be able to teach him easier!! i love you so much!!! i hope to hear from yua again!!!

I love ya dad!! this week has been a real memory for me. I am learning so much. Are you guys gonna send me another package? The MTC food is awesome! i loved the last package. It was good! we are gonna wait until thanksgiving and open up that bottle of bubbly to celebrate! its gonna be legit!! i miss ya!! and i love you so much!!-Brady

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