Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 16, 2014

I only get 40 minutes onb christmas! it sucks but we will make the best of it. I love you all so very much!!! Thak yuo for everything!!

Alright, hello everyone!! Wow, i don´t even know where to start. So we landed in san jose on monday night. President Wilkensen was waiting there for us with his wife and some other elders. They gave us hugs and took us to the San Jose Temple!! it was so amazing! it is pretty hot but not toomuch becasue it is december. But then President sent us with two ¨ticos¨or men of costa rica. They put all of our stuff in a bag, and we drove for i swear like 30 minutes. There are palm trees and green everywhere. The scary thing is that they drive super crazy!! it is really scary! they just do what they want. So we went to the mission home and slept there the first night. Which kinda sucked because i think half of this country doesn´t have hot water!! so i took cold showers the first couple of days. But the second day, we went on divisions. I went with an elder to give a sister a blessing, yes in spanish. it is really weird! i can´t understand anything that anybody is saying. and i felt like i was going to get killed!! So on wednesday, i got assigned my new companion and area! My companion is Elder Dale from Salt Lake City!! He is my trainer. He is an awesome Elder that works hard and teaches me very well. My area is absolutelty amazing! it is a place called Guacimo! it is kinda like the jungle! there are trees everywhere!! it is so beautiful here!! I love my area. So yes i am not able tounderstand anything, but i am already giving lessons. Not full lessons, but i share my testimony and give incite and help from what i understand. I have already commited 2 people to baptism. Crazy right! so i study allmorning until like 12 in the afternoon! I have hot water. Our house is nice compared to the huts and cement houses all over san jose. Guacimo is more better. So i have a desk in the house with a big mirror on it that the past elder left. I put some pictures of you guys on it soi can look at it. Becasue yes, i do miss you all a ton. But its prettyt tough here. Im not gonna lie. This alrady is some of the hardest things ive done. It is hard!! i can´t understand, i only think in spanish, we have a goal to speakas much spanish as possible. Elder Dale has 5 months out by the way. His goal for me is to train a new missionary by the end of my 12 week training! crazy! But i´m up for the challenge. I pray for you all everynight. We had a district meeting today and president came. And basically told us that we aren´t doing good enough. So we are going to work harder! There are lots of people that don´t want anything to do with us. I have been rejected, doors closed, but it is all okay! im doing good and i love it hear!  MOM and DAD- i miss you guys! i will get 40 minutes to see you on christmas. I´mdoing okay i promise. i love y ou guys so much!! I write on tuesdays!! i love you somuch.I can´t express how much i love you. Thank you for allthat you have done toget me here. BEAU- This mission so far is amazing bro. I love it. It is very hard, but it is gonna be soworth it i can tell. My spanish is terrrible,but etoy aprendiendo. Im learning. I love you bro!! EMMALIE and RHETT-I am doing so good so far. It is hard but i love it. I miss you both so much. I am so glad that i got to talk to you on monday!! KADI-I miss you so much! I have your pictures up as well! I look at them all! i love you so much. I can´t wait to see you too. I want to see all of you on christmas!! Next week i will make sure to tell you the time that we are going to be skyping for christmas!! ALL of you!! I love you all so much,and i wish that these computers were better. I am so glad tobe here!! I love you all so much!!! I havn´t opened my preseents yet, im so excited!! we have a christmas tree for all of our preseetns!! i don´t really use my credit cards. They only take Colones for all i know. Its weird!! But i love you all so much!!!! I can´t wait to hear fromyou all next week!! i will try to send some pictures, but i am in an internet cafe in a town called Guapiles! it sucks!! But I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! Talk to you next week!!!!

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