Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 22, 2014

Hey Everyone!! Week Three in Guacimo Costa Rica! I sent a letter home yesterday so my address will be on it for you to have. Im sure that your all anxious about chrsitmas! so i get 40 minutes to talk. Ya thats it. becasue after i have to go back to work! So we will make the most of it. The member that we are skyping froms name is noily. she only speaks spanish, so if you need her, then good luck! we will be skyping at arounde 10 in the morning! so be ready! we should be able to test things to make sure they work. I am so excited. I wrote down all of the informacion that you gave me, so i will do my best to make sure that it works! So we had a baptism this week! her name is mildred. She is a mom about 38 with 2 kids. She is great. Other missionaries have tried to put a baptismal date with her before but she didnt accept. But right before i came, Elder Dale got the Date! so he baptized her on saturday! And Elder Dale and I sang Mas Cerca Dios De Ti for teh Baptism. Nearer my God to Thee in English! we harmonized and everything! it was pretty sick! In my letter, it was explain so other things. I had my first actual p-day yesterday. We didnt get one last week becasue guess what? we went to the San Jose Costa Rica Temple!!!!!! It wasw so great but its really small! WE did a session (yes all in spanish) and Did baptisms!! it was such an amazing experience. At the MTC i made a copy of my patriarchal blessing, so i took it with me into the celestial room and read it! I was really homesick but after i felt so calm becasue i just sat on the big couch in the Celestial Room. After that i was fine:) I will try to send some pictures today!! but no promises, the computers here suck!!! But I cannot wait to see all of you on Chrsitmas! we have a small christmas tree with all of our presents under it! its great! we cleaned our house! i cleaned all of the ants and beetles out of the bathroom adn bleached the shower! ......and it looks absolutely...better;) its still a cement house with tile, but its better that what most poeple have. I love you all so much and i will try to make sure everything works!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

I love Elder Dale! he is a great example to me and he is really funny! we go running everyday to make sure we stay fit. I read my patriarchal blessing every single day! I love it! I just eat tons of rice! haha I dont have weights, i just do push ups and stuff! I will proably buy american piza for my district, its really cheap!! like 3 for 5-10 bucks!! The rice is amazing!! The christmas dinner was great! oh!! In june, there is going to be 2 missions in Costa Rica!!!!! A member of the 12 is coming to san jose in june to separate us into East or West!! crazy right?? by the time i leave, i will not be part of the san jose costa rica mission!!
Costa Rica Temple

Mildred's Baptism w/ Elder Dale

Costa Rica Temple

My House

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  1. This is AWESOME!! Im so proud to call you my nephew. What a great example of gods children you are setting! Keep smiling.... Love you <3