Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nov 13, 2014

I saw Elder Black at the MTC today.
DAD!! i miss you so much! everything here is amazing! I waited for Tag to come in yesterday and he told me you guys say hey! I had a lession yesterday that went really well! We taught Yerick again. This time, he told us throughout the lesson that he was having some difficulties in his life, and he didn't think that God loves him. So we looked him straight in the eye and told him God loves him and WE love him! he appreciated that. he asked me personally to pray for him so i did right there! After the prayer, he sat there just thinking. I said to him "como siente?" which meens, how do you feel? he said that he had never felt like this before. we said, "what you feel is the Holy Ghost". it was an amazing lesson. we plan to committ him to baptism next week! i have a lot of friends here! the four guys in my room are all awesome! there isn't a single person in my district that i don't like! try out "Dear Elder" it is way faster that letters! send letters alot too please! and more packages :D!!! My spanish is going great! Yo se como ensenar un leccion en espanol y orar y testifiquen!! Es muy fantasitico!! I will be checking my emails througout the day so i might write a few time:) I love you dad and miss you so much!! but everyone told me last weeek to get to sunday and i did, and it feels so much better!! i love it here and can't wait for the remaining weeks! Keep me in your prayers! i keep you in mine every night! I love you and mom so much!! I am studdying my scriptures and lessons like no other!! I learn so much from the spirit and i love to feel it! I hopefully will talk to you throughout the day!! i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Elder Black:)
I ran into Cody Anderson again yesterday! he took another picture of me and it was awesome to see someone i knew! I don't know when you'll get my letter, but it would be great if you guys would send me some contacts. I absolutely hate these glasses. If it gets hot, they are just uncomfortable and bad. I know its alot of money but i would rather wear them. This week went by really quick! i've seen tag almost everyday! he doesn't call me elder black, he always yells over everyone, BRADY!!  I'm always like "wuddup coconut". its fun:) I go to the temple around 2 today, and i might have a little bit of time to email after but not for sure. I am really happy here. This week i was really struggling with the language and focussing, i don't know why, so i had Elder Dunyon and elder Bangerter give me a quick blessing. I felt alot better after that, and my lesson last night just clicked! it was good. I am loving the packages you are sending! its amazing when i get a package or even a letter. it really makes my whole day. Mom said that you saw kadi's mom or something in the store? I write KaDi alot too. Overall this week was a great learning experience. I am loving the mail!!! keep it coming! are you guys gonna send me a letter? like instead of a paper? haha!! Cody Anderson showed me that pic he sent ya. thats so cool huh?? Anyway pop, i love you and miss you so much!! i hope to hear from ya latter today!! I love you !!!!!!



The first and last are me this morning. The picture is the provo temple, i drew it on our whiteboard in class!!

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