Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 30, 2014

Hey!! Oh my Gosh it was so good to see you guys last week!! Wow i cant believe that it is already tuesday. just so you know i write the same time every week. Around 12. This week has been amazing. remember the guy named michael, our miracle, so on sunday, him and 3 of his 5 kids walked 40 minutes to go to church. he was sitting in the back row of the chapel with his kids, and elder dale and i walked in and he stood up and shook our hands. he was happy and so glad to recieve blessings. SO! yesterday for my p-day, we went to the cataratas in guacimo!! a catarata is a waterfall!! it was so beautiful! it was in the jungle, and yes, it was what you would amagine a jungle to be! there were trees and vines everywhere! we saw lik 6 toucans! now close but they were so cool! we got to the waterfall and you would feel the water coming off of it! it felt so good. we wore our shirts and ties because we didnt have permission to take them off. on the way out of the waterfall, i found a.....POISON DART FROG!! oh ya!! it was red and blue! Elder Dale got a plastic bag and caught it and put it in a coke bottle!! in the bag it started shooting out poison and the bag quickely became foggy and wet! it was so cool! i will send some pictures! This week was really hard especially after seing you all. I love you all! i wish i would have got more time to talk, but after, i went to work and out 5 baptismal dates and had amazing lessons! it was a miracle and the best christmas i had ever had!! we had tamales and tons of food, and it was overall and amazing day! and now its close to new years. I am gonna miss the banana pudding!! what are the plans for this year?? i wish i was there, tell the family hi!! I miss you all so much! with the boots and backpack, just send them to the address i sent. AND ALSO IF YOU COULD PUT SOME MONEY ON MY CARD! i want to buy my self a little something something for christmas;) overall, i love you guys so much! and i cant wait to talk to you again! i will send tons of pictures in a while! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! lOVE YA MOM AND DAD, BEAU, EMMALIE, RHETT, AND KATHLENE!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
a sick lizard with a blue tail

Yesterday for my p-day, we went to the cataratas in guacimo!! a catarata is a waterfall!!
So this is me emailing

the poison frog

Who's that good looking guy by that sick catarata? oh ya, its elder black!

using a machete!!!!

Coconuts. They are okay i guess;)

My Family and My Girl:) and my new oakland temple pic!

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