Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 4, 2014

Hey mom and dad!!! Guys! i had an amazing experience yesterdat! so this whole time we have been here, Elder Dunyon and I have wanted to host a new missionary, meaning tnhat we take their luggage and stuff when they get dropped off. But we signed up, and they never called our names. HOWEVER!, we went to buy a couple pairs of garments for costa rica. The lady in their was talking with a sister missionary. We walked in, and she turned to us and said, "oh my gosh, do you elders happen to speak spanish?" and of course we were like "oh ya!!" so we literally translated for this sister and helped her around the rest of the day to get her stuff and help her get dinner, and took her bags to her room for her! so instead of hosting a random missionary, we got to host a person of our own kind;) it was soooo cooolll!!!!!
 So i did get my travel plans! I leave monday morning at 6:00! I fly from SLC to Atlanta and then to Costa Rica. I bought a calling card, so i should be able to call all of ya! 
 I need moms work phone so i can call her, i will call the store, i dont know beaus number(hopefully he will be with dad at work, and with emmalie and rhett i don't know. I should be calling around 9-10 maybe around there!! But if you have any questions ask me! i love you guys so much! this weeek has been so cool!! i have used my gospel knowledge and my spanish soo much!! i love it here but i can not wait to get out in costa rica!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!- Brady:)
Iglesia is church:) the scripture is Moroni 10:4-5! i just got back from the temple. We did a sealing session. and when i was getting dressed, i had a feeling i was gonna see someone that i knew. Lucy and Dr. jones popped into my head, but i was like "thats weird" so i just kept walking. But when we were leaving, right as we entered the front desk, Lucy and Dr. Jones walk through the temple door!!! It was so weird!! so i talked to them a bit, they asked how i was doing, and they wondored about beau. so it was really cool to see someone i knew, and that i saw it even before it happened!! 
Alright, this is my last email in Provo! I won't be able to chat with any of you next week. I'm pretty sure it's only a couple of emails. Tomorrow i have "in field orientation". That should be fun;) I am so excited to go! I will soon be in paradise! I'm making this just one big email to all of you becasue i have to go. 
Mom and Dad, I can't wait to hear from you on monday. Thank you for working so hard. I love you guys so much!!!!!!
Beau, stay strong bro keep working hard. i love ya bro.!
Emmalie, I hope you have an amazing birthday!! I love you omm.!
Rhett, you stud, i love you bro. Thanks for all of your dear elders.!
KaDi, Thank you for helping me get through this, and thank you for all of your letters!! I love you!:)
Next time you hear from me, i will be in the airport, and then in Costa Rica!!!! WOAH!!!! I love you all so much! Thank you for getting me to this point!! Talk to you all on Monday!!!!!!

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