Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nov 26, 2014

Okay.....guess who spoke to us yesterday!!!!???? DALLIN H OAKS!!!!!!! and the teachers said they think it will be someone in the first presidency tomorrow!!!!! IT WAS SO AMAZING!!! i sat on the 7th row!!!!!!!! THis week has been absolutely amazing!!!!! i can't wait for tomorrow!! we are doing a huge humanitarian project! we are making over 350,000 meals for people!!!
Hey! i don't get a P-Day this week because of Thanksgiving. But i will be emailing tomorrow night at around 6:40! We are doing our laundry and things after dinner and they are lettering us have a little time! ya we are getting the shaft! no temple either! its sucks! anyway, I love you all!! talk to you tomorrow!!
Well this mornning, i went to a big meeting about the service project. It was really weird! we are gonna make so much food! i memorized Moroni 10:4-5 in spanish! im pretty proud of myself:) we skyped a lady in mexico a couple days ago. all in spanish! it was so legit!! i don't talk alot during the lessons, but when i do, i try to be very powerful!!:) i can't wait for tomorrow! are you guys going to vegas??

This is me emailing! then a selfie:) then this is one of my assignments, all in spanish not using any tools!Thanks:) I love you guys!!! talk to ya next week!!:) send me letters! Hey will you make me and Elder dunyon some banana cake????!!!!! Por Favor! its his birthday on Dec. 3rd!!!!!! por favor mama???

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