Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February 24, 2015

WOW!!! This week was so crazy! But it was really great! so to start it off with this! we didnt have a baptism this week...sucks! HOWEVER!!!, we had a ward baptism! HOWEVER-ER!!!, This girls parents havnt been members for a year yet, so for some reason their records arent in the church yet. So she counted as Mine and Elder Dales!! We planned her whole baptism becasue the ward isnt responsible. So she counted for us! so alltogether we had 4 baptsims as a district! So we took our bishop to this family of 4 to teach them. We tried to help resolve their doubts about sunday as the sabath day, but the wife doesnt accept it worth anything! so we ar still fighting! this week we found a guy named Hanser. He has a wife named Daisey, and a little boy named Hanser Jr! This dad has had a weed problem for most of his life, and we happened to run into him just when he needed someone the most. He opened up and told us his story and wanted help. All we did was listen to him and after his story he said "do you have anything to help me?" The whole room was quiet! so Elder Dale and I just looked him in the eyes, smiled and said, "first of all, Hanser, we just met you, we dont even now who you are, but hermano, we love you so much!! we love you and we have exactly what you need to chance your life and to help your family!" He was just about to cry! So we put a baptism date with him nfor the 28th of march!! and him and his wife are gonna be baptized then!!! it is going to be so cool! and the best part, yesterday, they invited us over for dinner, so we did a family home evening!! we had spaghetti and garlic bread!! it was so good!! we are all just great friends!! So here is the crazy part, yesterday for my P-Day, i went to the Hospital in San Jose! i set up an appointment with the doctor to check my skin out. 1-he said that my skin is very sensitive because im a red head, (well obviously bro!) 2-he gave me some pills and some new soap which i used this morning and im okay:) 3-They took 2 tubes of blood and did tests. I got the results emailed to me, which is in spanish, but there are a couple of things that say "high" and "Low" so the doctor is hopefully gonna let me now. But im okay:) i feel alot better after  shower! But this week has been so amazing!!! i loved it so much, im having so much fun!! we had 4 investigators in the church, and 120 people in the chapel!!!!! it was so great! i am so happy this week and today!! All in All it was a great week!! Could you guys send me some new black socks!! they are dissapearing just like at home;) (oops!) but thank you gusy som much for all that you do! i love you all!! Mom and Dad, keep working hard but take a break okay?;) Beau, keep working hard and go to the temple as many times as possible! if i could go everyday i would!! i only get to go like 4 times a year maybe! Emmalie, and Rhett, I love you guys, keep doing good in school! Rhett, keep playing ball!! KaDi, Good luck on the ACT, try to get better than your guy okay?;) at least a 30;) I love you!! I love you all!! have an amazing week!!

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