Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 10, 2015

Hey everyone! bad news, my baptisms didnt happen last week. Gerson and Brayan were drinking coffee all week and so we had to postpone the baptisms until this weekend. It sucks but they are still getting baptized and they are still working hard!! We found a lady last week that barley let us teach her but we got in. We taught her about the nature of God and his purpose for us and that we can pray to him for everything. She stopped us and said that she had had a dream before. She had a constant dream whe she was younger that wouldnt go away. She said that she saw Jesus Christ coming down from the sky in a beautiful white robe. She said when his feet touched the ground, All of the people gathered together in one place. And then tons thousands of more angels cam down behind Christ. Now the first thing i thught of was the second coming! but then i thought of the Book of Mormon! and then i thought of when Christ Appeared to teh Nephites! it was so cool! so we are going to show her some picutres later:) Then i told her about Joseph Smith and the First Vision! After i told her the story i said "the two people that joseph saw were Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! and the lady and her friend FLIPPED! they were like "Thats what you saw!!!" And then the lady started crying!! she said she has been wondoring about her dreams for lots of her llife. and they are finally starting to make sense. So, we put a baptisms date with her for the 11th of April. She is great and just a miracle! it was absolutley amazing!! but ya, thats my big scoops for this week! I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH!! i cant wait to hear from you next week!! have a great week! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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