Tuesday, March 10, 2015

January 20, 2015

Oh boy do i have some stories to tell you guys. So first off, I bought a guitar... Its a red and black acoustic electric. I had to get it becasue it was 170 bucks! for the guitar, strap, bag, and picks! so its pretty legit! i love it, and i am going to be practicing alot, and maybe using it in lessons, or it will give me something to talk to people about! okay, another story, this one is bad. So we were walking back home from lunch on sunday, and we all four saw two guys carrying a couch. So we decided to give our service and help them. They were really nice guys asking us questions and stuff, so we went with them to their house to help them move. However, when we got into their house, we saw a picture on the wall. It was of one of the men in a chair, and the other guy standing behind him with his arms around him...And...There was only 1 bed. So we were like "are these guys together??" so Elder Dale casually asked one of the men, are you guys friends? he said "no we are brothers." so we were like "oh ok they arnt together, they are brothers" so we contiued to help. Then Elder Dale said "where does your parents live?" and one man said, "my mom is dead" and the other man said, "my mom lives up the road"...so elder dale said, "how are you brothers if you have different parents?" he then said "we are brothers in Faith"!!! and at this point i lost it. Elder Davis and I could take no more, so we walked out of this house laughing and laughing. When we got out side, Elder Davis yelled "I KNEW IT!!!" so they said this and we were like, oh sorry we have to go, we can come back another day to share a message with you two. and they accepted. So Elder Davis and Elder Tullis are going to go back next week and teach them about the Law of Chasity!!! it was so funny but yet so bad! So we had an amazing experience at church on sunday. 14 of our progressing investigators showed up for church!!!!!! Two Families!! it was the most we have every had before! usually we have 4-5, but we trippled the number!! we were so happy, it just made our week.Yesterrday, we had an interesting lesson with an investigator named Saaed. we starting talking about the spirit world, and that the people that wouldnt have a chance to accept the gospel would be able to in the spirit world. And he didnt accept this because he doesnt believe that people with get another chance to accept the gospel. and with every thing he said, he said " i know becasue of the Bible" and this was every single answer that he gave to us if we asked a question. This lesson was in English by the way, he speaks great English. so finally I stopped him and said, "how do you recieve answers?" he said "from the Bible" and then i said "what would you do if you didnt have the bible? how would you recieve answers to your questions if you didnt have the bible??" he got stumped in his tracks, and elder dale stepped in and said, "do you believe in personal revalation?" and he said yes. Then Elder Dale said, " okay, what we are going to do right now, without the bible, we are going to answer your question. We are going to kneel down, and you are going to say a prayer to ask GOD not the bible, if there is a spirit world." we then taught him how to pray in the correct form, and he said a prayer. After his prayer, we all knelt in silence for about 6 minutes. Afterward, he just went straight to the bible looking for an answer. We wanted to say, " you are living in apostacy, and you will find out at judgement", but we couldnt. We said alright, we invite you to read the book of mormon and pray about it. We then left frustrated and angry. We said a prayer afterward to ask forgivness and to get back the spirit. Crazy Right? This week was great, i had so much fun!! yesterday for p-day we bought a blender to make smoothies, and played soccer with the young men and some investigators. i am feeling just fine now. My flu was only a 24 hour thing. It was pretty bad, but im perfect now. Like i said, we are having spiritual experiences, and weird experiences. Everytime Elder Davis sees me everyday, he always says, "we are all brothers in Faith" and we just bust out laughing. i love all of the people here. I have a new Zone Leader! his name is Elder Savedra! he is actually the first missionary that i went with on my first day, and now he is my ZL! i am having so much fun. i get to give a talk at a ward activity on saturday. that should be fun. I am rounding up some gifts for all of you, it might be a couple of weeks, but i shoul dbe sending a package home with some presents! i love you all so much! i hope you had a great week. Let me knoiw how everything goes! i LOVE YOU!!

To Rhett:
Hey Buddy! i wanted to tell you about my soccer game that i had yesterday! we played a big game against the young men. It was us ELders against the young men. We played in the rain. We were really wet, with it pouring down on us. We were getting beaten by the young men by like 6 points. But after ward, we came back, kicked butt and beat them 8-7! I kicked it from our goal and made it into their goal!! over the field!(basketball court) We won and we were just all having so much fun! playing soccer is so cool. I will try to find you a cool soccer ball or a jersey here for you. I know how much you love it so i will get you something. i had a good week this week buddy, i hope you are doing good. Keep playing ball, i will play with you when i get home! i will show you some things that i have learned. I love you so much rhett, i love ya, and have a good week!! love brady:)

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