Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February 3, 2015

Hey Everyone!!! this week has been great! however, we did fine out that President Wilkinson...is in Utah!! his is getting back surgery that could end his mission! crazy right? he isnt even in our mission/country! this week was great! we changed our cook, who we are gonna try today! im so excited! and we are talking with alot more people and bettering our ward! we had changes yesterday! My really good friend Hermana Gibson left. She is Rachels friend! She was a really good example to me and a hard worker. she is in a different part of costa rica now. we now have a new latina girl. she is weird! but this week has been great. We found out that 3 white girls live with the brother of our bishop! ( ALl not members;) its like our bate;) so we are gonna take our bishop with us and baptize and activate his whole family along with the 3 girls from Wisconsin! itll be great:) im pumped! i saw 3 sloths this weej! all ugly as can be;) its startin gto be a regular thing now! its not as cool anymore! i saw a snake too! wasnt big, but its was cool! my spanish is getting so much better! i can actually understand more now. its better. and our lessons are getting much more powerful! sometimes we take a commandment sheet to someones house and go through it and say, "which ones are you keeping?...none? okay, and you wondor why you dont have food on the table! keep the commandments and youll be fine!" its fun;) so every morning, i read abouyt 4-5 chapters in the book of mormon! i love reading it! i just read this morning about Moroni and the title of liberty! it was sick!!! i am doing really good! i am happy:) i hoep you all have a good week"! i love you all so much and cant wait to hear form you again!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
sorry! i cant send pics this week! this cafe that im in doesnt ahve a way to do it! i will send double next week!

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