Tuesday, March 10, 2015

January 13, 2015

Wow! so right at this moment, I have the flu! It is so bad! I'm gonna tell ya about it. So yesterday we went to San Jose for our half way mark for my training. We had hamburgers at presidents house that Hermana Wilkinson made for us. They were good but it didn't sit right when I got the flu. So we got off the bus in Guacimo and went to an investigators house then  left. But after we left I dropped my bag on the ground, bent over and PUKED MY GUTS OUT!!!!! It was so bad! Elder Dale was standing a little ways behind me saying "Haga lo" meaning "do it!!!" He was chearing me on! after words, we went home becausee I was sick, then I threw up again!! then during the night i got up and used the bathroom, then puked again! this cycle  repeated about 6 times! i am so sore and so tired. i got 2 hours of sleep!  so this week was interesting. So you know Micheal, our miracle man, ya he moved to a town 1 hour away! So that is pretty much dead unless he shows up for church next Sunday!  we had to postpone our baptism because yorlenny needed another week to stop smoking! so thats next week! Sorry about my grammar, the keyboards here are crap! this week has been pretty hard. I am learning to understand more people which is good, but I still don't know what they say. I can speak a lot of Spanish, its just the understand the people to know what to say is whats getting to me. I wish there was more to email, but its been a slow week. I did find out about the 2 new mission presidents! one is from Honduras, and the other is from Idaho! So that's new. President Wilkinson is going to have back surgery soon which could end his mission early, so pray for him! I love you all so much, I am happy to be here and I am having fun and having bad times! Mission life right? haha I love you all so much, can't wait to hear form you all agai

President and Hermana Wilkinson

MTC Teacher

MTC Teacher

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