Tuesday, March 10, 2015

January 27, 2015

Hola Mi Familia Marvillosa y mi Novia Hermosa:) Yo estoy en mi computadora y estoy listo para escuchar a cerca de sus semanas:) Les amo mucho!!!

Check out the beautiful sky!!

First:Yorlenny!! Second:two young men in the ward! Third:Pizza Night!!

Hey Everyone!! This week has been so amazing!! how is everyone doing? so first off, i sent a letter home yesterday, so it should be there in a while. and second, on sunday, we had the baptism for one of my favorite investigators yorlenny!!! she finally got baptized after 18 yrs of smoking, 3 yrs of recieving the missionaries, and 3 crazy kids bugging her all the time. She finally made the decision to be baptized in december when i commited her to do it! after 4 weeks of quiting smoking, she finally got baptized by Elder Dale on sunday january 25th!!! it was so amazing and we were and still are super happy for her. Especially becauase we asked her to be our new lunch time cook!! so we are going to be eating at her house everyday for lunch and sharing a scripture everyday to retain her in the church!! this week was so great! i played alot of soccer, ate alot of food, had a baptism, so a sloth right over my head (gonna send some sick pics) and wrote you all a letter!  i gave a small talk at an activity at the church, nobody was listening because of all of the little kids, but it was good! we had lunch at our bishops house! his wife made white cheese lasagna! it was so good! but this weeek was really great! we are hoping for 4 baptisms in February!1!! and so keep praying for uys! Elder Dale and I are even closer. we everyday have experiences with teh work. not huge things, but little things that we just love! i love you all and miss you all so much!! iu can wait to hear from you all! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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